Champions of Europe, Serbian mini football squad lifting trophy

This is not a drill or joke, Serbia is Champion of Europe in football. Well not big but mini football, but trophy is trophy. As we all know we have plenty of talented players, but our main problem in normal football is fitness, pace and running ability, that's why this mini football is perfect discipline for us! Our squad won this European Championship held in Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina on penalties after result in regular time was 1:1. Long penalty series ended when one Romanian player sent ball wide of goal. Critical moment in this long penalty series was when one middle aged gentleman who looks more like coach or body builder than player scored. That's when I thought we might actually win this. Scorer in regular part of match for Serbia was Aleksandar Injić, but Andrei Balea equalized in 36. minute and game went into penalties.

Path toward the title

Serbia played 2:2 with Georgia, won Portugal 2:1, Bulgaria 1:0. In 1/8 final Serbia won Hungary with 4:1. Serbian players then battered Belgium in quarter final with 4:0 and France in semi-final with 5:0. Romanian path toward final was also respectable. I watched end of the game and got feeling Serbia is more dangerous near the end. It was also pleasure to watch this on some Italian channel with Italian commentator learning words like "Situazione pericolosa", "sinistra", "fantastico", "titolo" etc... :)

If you missed this don't be desperate, there is recording on you tube and you can watch it here:

Mini football Euro 2024 final

Congratulations to player and staff on this success. If I understood Italian commentator correctly this is first time we become Champions of Europe in this type of football.