Tonight at 22 o'clock CET Kings club Real Madrid will face Sevilla away. Real and Barcelona are already in close title race where every lost point could be devastating in Champion title race. Madrid already dropped one point at Bilbao so far. Bale, Benzema and new FIFA player of the year Luka Modric will do their best to win this game. They won Espanol few days ago in not so impressive performance. For 3 days they will have local derby versus Athletico Madrid and then they travel to CSKA in Champions League. It is possible that they will save some strength for those games. Real is without help of one of better players Isco who has been injured.

On the other hand Sevilla looks in form after not so good start of season. They gave Standard Liege 5 goals, Levante 6 in 5:1 and 6:2 victories. Next matches are Eibar and Krasnodar. It looks like they have no reason to save strength in this game. They are probably strongest club which Real face so far in Primera. Question is did they fired up all their cannon balls in last two games or has something left for Real Madrid tonight ?

Can this game be overthrow of the King from first place ?

Type in comments what do you think how this game will end. Reward is 2.5 SCR. Bellow write time of first goal. In case of multiple winning results winner will be one who closer predict time of first goal.

Comments should be in following format:

Sevilla - Real Madrid 2:2


In case of more winners reward will be divided. Comments only before 22 CET will be in the competition.