Shiting White Pidgeon Richarlison

Attention! There is a shitting pigeon with Brazilian origin in North London! He is responding to name Richarlison.

Beware, he is conceited and cheeky and is making pigeon celebration for goals he scores, but alas there is none in EPL by now despite he played on the right, left and even in the center of attack. However he doesn't need to score goals to become pigeon. He proved he is real pigeon because he is shitting everywhere on and off the pitch. Those who developed phrase "Shite, shite my pigeon white" long time ago must have seen him in future playing for Tottenham.

Let's jump into his of the pitch shits first. He gave an interview for Brazilian media saying "This season is shit", "I came out of two good games against West Ham and Chelsea and then they drop me in next one", "They told me I will play against Milan, but didn't put me in squad, I don't understand anything".

Season is shit, that is 100% truth, because among other reasons you are part of it and you failed miserably. I was dropped in next game after Chelsea is not truth because you played against Sheffield United reserves on main striker position and made amazing number of wrongs during the game.

First one was two on two situation in which him and Lucas had two on two situation with entire box empty and got blocked like U18 players. First Lucas attempted, ball deflected to pigeon and he got blocked too. In second he was inside the box in one on one, defender doing desperate tackle to block, he blazes ball over the crossbar. I don't understand this! Then comes shot attempt from second half which almost hit corner flag. I have understanding for that, everyone can mishit the ball especially after contact with opponent. That was less irritating than previous two situations and following one in which he stupidly went into goal kick with the ball before being subbed off.

Let's go to Milan game and to on pitch shitting there. First in 71 min when he saw goalie is catching ball, but he deliberately run into him and Milan gk ended on the ground and of course we watched 30 seconds of arguing and not playing football while we need goal desperately. It was not ordinary shit it was diarrhea performance because minute later pigeon got the ball had Son running in space alone on one side, but he didn't send first time ball toward him in space which would be 90% goal, but turned to the other side. And after all of that someone need to explain him why is he not starting ? I'll explain it to you. No matter in what kind of form Son is he is developer of football for you. Despite what you might think, you are not better than Harry Kane too and you proved you can't play on Dejan Kulusevski position despite fact he is not playing anything special too.

"He deserves run of games" some are crying. He had chance on every position and he didn't took it. He had notable influence on the game only in one game against Marseille in Champions League and against Nottingham Forest when he crossed toward Kane. His first touch is bad, his passing ability doesn't exist like in his countryman Lucas Moura, his other football skills are very limited. His mind set is wrong and all world could see that in Forest game on the beginning of the season when he tried to humiliate opponent by kicking ball in the air while he was alone on the left before they tackled him. He dared even to tell Liverpool legend Carragher "Cry more" after he pointed that out. No respect, no skill, I don't see anything there except one big flop. Win some trophy and then kick the ball in the air @!@$!@$%!@#@.

He's only excellent in dark arts. When he falls you think it was foul for yellow card or that his leg has been broken and then on recording you see opponent didn't or barely touched him. He is also good in provoking brawl, but he is to stupid to do it with right timing. He is provoking opponent players and fans. I don't value much those skills that's why I despised him during his Everton time. I don't need players who think how to fall instead of how to score goal or make chance for team mate.

About his playing time, don't worry when Conte and Kane leave which is more and more likely he will have run of a lot of games, but I am pretty sure he will fail again. He can have run of games now too. He was ok against Forest in the beginning, maybe he can be good against them again ? Maybe he even score his first goal for Tottenham in EPL. Imagine he end up season as forward with 0 ZERO goals in EPL. Gu-gu-gu gu-gu @#@#$@!$@ pigeon. LoL!

UPDATE: when asked about this Conte said I listened to his interview and guy said my season is shit. He was right, it was honest his season is not good. He started well with us, then got injury, then went to World Cup which he didn't get, returned with another big injury, then returned back just to have another injury. He scored only two goals in Champions League and zero in Premier League. (laguh) He was right his season is not good, but our season is not over. Also I told him when you talk I, I , I, it means you are selfish. If you want to fight to win something, you should talk we, because with I it looks like you think only about yourself...Guy apologized, understood mistake and I am ready to give him chance to play if he deserves on training, if not I'll play another player...