Former player and now coach of Manchester United Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had great start after replacing Jose Mourinho. All of us saw significant improvement already after first game under his command which Red Devils won by scoring 5 goals. I compared that performance with those under legendary coach Sir Alex Fergusson. Soon Ole had more wins on start than other Old Trafford legend-coach Matt Busby. After 10 Premier League games he had only 1 draw vs Burnley. A lot of people told that all oponnents were weak that we should wait for big boys like Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester City. Meanwhile he won away Arsenal in FA cup, he won Chelsea and Tottenham away. Few days ago he managed to get draw against leading team in England Liverpool. This success was even greater when you know that he could not put Martial in squad. Matic were injured too, Lingard not fit, Rashford played like with one leg. He was forced to put Lukaku in attack and then to try non fit Lingard and at the end even Sanchez. At that point it was clear he can't win, but defence was up to task and did not let Liverpool to create big chances. Salah, Sturridge, Mane, Shakiri were all stopped well. He almost won as United scored a goal but it was dissalowed because of little offside. We saw Manchester United completely equal to Liverpool if not even better in some moments. All of that without key attacking players. We also saw Jurgen Klop angry like never before. I wonder what Ole could do if he could put Martial and complete ready Rashford in attack.

That game vs Liverpool was big exam for him. I believe this game will guarantee him well deserved full time job at Old Trafford. It will be no easy task to clean up Moyes,Van Gal and Murniho's mess in squad. I think he needs big broom to get rid from overpaid players who are playing with less than 10% of their capabilities. By them I think about Sanchez. Lad is not playing anything. He is big waste of space and I would dare to say an smoken pipe who can no longer play in Premier League. He need one way ticket to USA, China or Japan. Ole will need improvement in the midfield and defence to enter serious title race next year and to be more competitive in Champions League. I also hope that chairman will not let him down and let Rashford and Pogba or De Gea to leave the club. Those players should be backbone of club in next season. Just one of that caliber is needed in defence (like Rio Ferdinand or Nemanja Vidic in the past). Even Jurgen Klopp from Liverpool said that he can not imagine that Ole won't get full time job after all success. He said lets say they change him and other manager lose first few games next season. What will happen then ? Well I hope directors of United are not ready to make the biggest mistake in recent history and to appoint someone else on summer. I am sure that Manchester United fans are thinking like that too.