Son Heung-min was fantastic vs Aston Villa

A lot of Tottenham fans like myself needed one convincing great performance and win with good goal margin. It happen at Villa Park against direct rival for 4th place. Spurs won it 0:4 at Villa Park and make home fans go home before final whistle like it's a fire drill. Spurs away fans ran riot near the end. For me Son was the best player and as far as I am concerned he can go to disco tonight and night after tonight. :) Spurs captain who I criticized in one of previous article after defeat against Wolves gave real captain performance, scored goal, setup another, could score more if Dejan Kulusevski was not selfish in one situation and maybe if he tried to shot instead of pass to Dejan in one situation.

Ange's surprise was Johnson on his best position on left side and Sarr from start in the middle. Unai probably prepared himself for Son on left and put two right backs there, but Son was in the middle just like it was Lenglet in Villa defense. When I saw those lineups I thought Lenglet will have hard game today and I was right.

From the beginning of the game it was clear Spurs players are up to the game, that staff prepared match well and that Emeri felt into Ange's trap. Spurs were not so amazing in first half, despite a lot of possession, but it was not dull passing, backward passing but constant attempts to make action to progress, to play real football. They should have one big chance, but referee Cavanagh gave non existent foul to Aston Villa in front of their box when Spurs player clearly took ball and made very dangerous situation for home side. I have every reason to believe it would be dead chance if non existent foul was not given. Aston Villa had some attempts of counter attacks but Van de Ven stopped all of that with great speed and blocks. Home side was closest to goal at the end of first half when Lucas Digne made header which ended just wide of goal. It was dangerous in one moment before, it was counter attack but Pedro Porro was pure brain and let Villa player to go into offside just to deny chance moment later by sending ball out of play. Offside was given, but that clearance was also awesome. Porro and Udogie mean a lot to this team and way of playing.

Second half started with Aston Villa chance blocked by Van de Ven, but it was later flagged offside. Unfortunately "flying Dutchman" got injured after. It's his hamstring again and I was really sad about that. There is some connection between him and Pedro Neto, when one get hamstring injury other get it too little later. Mickey went out and Radu Dragusin finally got a chance to play football in Premier League. I was little scared because it's his first longer appearance against serious opponent, but Romanian soon made me feel like Van de Ven is on the pitch. He bossed his role, was calm and mainly good on the ball and intercepted some attacks on good way. He got early yellow card for blocking free kick on Villa half, but overall was ok.

Around 50th minutes Spurs turned on full engine and started to abuse fact that Aston Villa went more forward. Space behind was more open and Spurs are very dangerous in using it. I cried for football action and I saw it. Dejan, Pedro, Dejan right time ball in space (real football pass in space) for Sarr on the right side, Cameroonian ran like natural born winger sent deadly ball-bomb inside the box where football master James Maddison converted it into goal with his great skill. Dart throw after didn't miss. Home fans chanted him he's something he isn't and he got wind up and when he is winded up he must calm down crowd with dart throw.

Sarr cross toward Madders

It might look easy for you when James Maddison did it, but it was not.

Maddison goal against Aston Villa

It's well known when Spurs take you into goal machine they grind you. Second goal fell 3 minutes later after Dejan Kulusevski has stolen ball passed to Son who transfered ball left toward Brenan Johnson for dead chance and Welshman sent ball under the crossbar for 0:2.

Son to Johnson
Johnson sent ball under crossbar for 0:2 vs Aston Villa.

After 60 minute Dragusin made mistake and lost the ball but Vicario stopped incoming cross with great dive into feet of opponent. Then Aston Villa players showed dirty face I wrote about and J. McGinn kicked Udogie to high on center and referee Cavanagh sent him off. It was right call if you ask me. "Absolutely didn't try to get the ball", "knee high" said Sky commentator and I can only agree with that. That winded up everyone almost lead toward fight between players, Johnson, Madders and Romero were particularly nervous after this, but everything calmed down quickly.

J. McGinn savage from Aston Villa was sent off.

In 74' minute Dejan Kulusevski pissed me off when he didn't pass ball toward Son and make dead chance but fired up shot into the sky from 18 meters. One simple pass toward Son on the left would make dead chance and most likely goal, but no Dejan wanted to score himself and made one of the poorest attempts on goal I saw recently. He was not pushed. This made my blood pressure up, I swear in front of TV, got nervous to the point that someone hacked my Twitter account and wrote some ugly words toward this player. Fortunately I restored order on account after watching replays and saw his actual contribution toward both goals. Problem with him and Ange ball is he's not fast and he often fails to find himself in position on second post for tap in which is something Johnson or Werner can because they are faster. Dejan is skilled, work a lot, hold ball good, have other qualities, but I am not sure he's right wing for Ange system.

Dejan Kulusevski doing wrong thing against Aston Villa

In 84th minute we saw attempt to eliminate Vicario by his countryman Zaniolo who kicked him into head despite he could see our goalkeeper is on the ball. I think there was blood after but Spurs doctors fixed the wound and Guglielmo Vicario continued and finished the game. I hope it was not something serious. Shameless Zaniolo even wanted corner for his team after. I am speechless.

In 89th minute Son found Dejan inside, but he was blocked again. There was situation before when Son could shot but passed toward Dejan who tried to turn around and return pass but it was intercepted. It was Hojbjerg who sent defense destroyer pass toward Son in the beginning of 89th minute action.

In 90th minute Dejan Kulusevski was again in center of attention. OMG what you can find out when you actually watch it again. He sent good ball inside into Son's feet on around 11 meters and South Korean scored well deserved goal. It looked easy, it was very nice action and very nice play by Dejan and finish by Son. I think Pedro Porro who passed the ball to Dejan throw it through legs of Aston Villa player sending him back home.

Dejan Kulusevski great ball toward Son for third goal
Son great finish for 3:0 for Spurs against Aston Villa

"Great finish by Spurs captain, superb technique." said Sky commentator and I can not agree more. In next minute Son had another chance but his attempt was saved. It was not dead chance but attempt from narrow angle.

Hojbjerg who came in as sub made wonderful dribble and that was not enough for him but he also sent other player wrong way before passing perfect ball in space for Son, but Dejan Kulusevski finished action with blocked shot. Bentancur participated in 4th goal by sending ball toward Son who stormed inside the box to find Timo Werner inside and German scored fourth by targeting opposite corner of goal. . It meant a lot to him and I am happy for him. It was not very hard, but it was not tap in into empty net also and it will make him more present on goals vs top teams. :)

Timo Werner socres 4th in Tottenham win at Villa Park

Until the end helpless and hopeless Aston Villa player hit Son who fell on the ground, but stood up quickly.

At the end let's talk about Ange Postecoglou. Way how his Tottenham battered Unai's Aston Villa was awesome. It was great performance in second half, a lot of good football actions, goals and excitements. He totally deserved song "O-o-o-o Ange Postecoglou" near the end because his Tottenham side ran riot in Birmingham.

Hint for owner Daniel Levy. Maybe you should not rise prices of tickets for home games but to publish club account where satisfied fans can pay "performance bonus" if they feel happy after the game after battering of opponent like this. That might involve some international fans who watch this over TV into paying scheme too and maybe motivate those players to destroy rivals like this more often.

Aston Villa player believed he can fly after Hojbjerg's dribbling. Click to check it. :)

It is 39th consecutive game in EPL during which Tottenham scored at least one goal. Long may it continue! Well done Tottenham, I feel we are so back now. Just hope we'll see Van de Ven before playing against tough opponents in the end of April. I also hope Udogie, Son and Vicario are ok too. COYS!