Chelsea battered Tottenham yet again

"Tottenham get battered everywhere they go" did echo all around Stamford Bridge as sorry Tottenham side lost again against city rival Chelsea and Spurs fans going out of stadium before full time. "Great form and advancement in style of play and environment" under Ange continued big time. Two easy pieces from set pieces ended inside the net, but that is not the worst thing last night.

Chelsea had 2 dead chances in first 5 minutes of the game which tells you everything you should know about how Tottenham staff prepared this game, approach of players to the game and everything. Fact that Chelsea had 6 dead chances in first half and scored only one while on other side Tottenham had 1 when Romero's header went little wide of goal and maybe touch post a little tells you everything. I can't say players didn't want to play, they run, run, run, I think they tried to give their best, but thing is simple they are of limited skill and they can't do better than this at least under Ange Postecoglou.

Goal came from set piece situation, one Chelsea player obstructed Spurs defender which let another free and he did good header in opposite corner for goal. Ange was angry near the sideline at some point shouted on players like they didn't play what he wanted. DId he lose the dressing room already then ? I don't think so, I think those players can't play better. I think they don't train right things on training ground, I think coaching staff at Tottenham and sport sector are one of the worst in league.

"viking" Hojbjerg is preventing Son to kick ball out of the net after he scored worlie for Arsenal in NLD

In second half Tottenham dominated, controlled the game, but didn't make any chance until Lo Celso came in and that was in 86th minute. That sin is on Ange Postecoglou again. Chelsea scores after free kick stupidly given away by stupid player and Ange permanent signing Dejan Kulusevski, shot was excellent ball deflected off the crossbar and player in blue shirt was fastest and put it into the net.

Ange did it wrong again, bellow average player and his 47 million signing championship level player Johnson started on right wing while stupid Dejan Kulusevski started in number 10 role instead of Maddison who is badly out of form. Even I who am far away know at this point of time Lo Celso is the best option for #10 and those two Madders and Kulusevski ran out of form long time ago. Why then Ange don't put him in squad ? As soon as Lo Celso came in Spurs created 2-3 dangerous situations in front of goal, but didn't score.

Let's talk about wingers now. Johnson couldn't fart near Cucurella, it was ugly to watch what Chelsea defender did to him and all attacks in first half went over that side while on the other side Son had some little known kid in front of him, but Spurs didn't attack that side. Then in second half they started doing that, but Son was unable to do much against this kid.Only when that kid got subbed by younger kid from the bench we could do something over left side. Richarlison was invisible, Porro made Mudryk look like Messi prime in first half, Royal was what he is... Maddison didn't do a single good thing when he came in, Gil showed once more how crap player he really is. "New Messi", "New George Best" fired up attempt over stands instead to cross the ball at the end.

Ange blabbered how team is going forward 100%, but sad truth is different. Every single player in that squad a part from Romero, Van de Ven and Vicario are in decline. All are worse than in the beginning of the season in year without European football and plenty of time to train football. Level of play of Son, Maddison, Bentancur, Kulusevski, Bissouma dropped massively to the point that I think they don't train football at all or train wrong things. Team declined massively compared to the beginning of the season and I blame Ange and his mates from staff for that. I am not sure we should trust this manager for next season. That entire Australian line from Scot Munn downward is not trustworthy.

I want to tell all those who wanted "free flow attacking football" and to be "entertained" are you entertained ? How do you like this attacking football without chances for goal while opponent have dozens of them ? Is this good football for you ? What do you expect will happen at Anfield in couple of days ? Enjoy! You asked for it!

The saddest thing is they put effort, tried, but they just can't because they lack skill! What serious coach like Conte would say "And some people think we can fight for something ? Fight for what with this type of players and skill ? For staying in EPL ? I am not used to this!"

At the end I don't think changing Ange will solve any problem because "If they don't want to change they can change managers a lot of managers, but situation will not change believe me!" Problem is far worse then just manager, problem is owner and chairman of this club who deliberately appoint people who don't know anything about football in sport sector and they then appoint same bellow them and then we end up with wonderful hierarchy which makes such team and "style of play" etc... What he would like to say "SIMPLY WE HAVE OUR TOTTENHAM BACK!" (applauds from brainwashed fans).

Congratulations! Go to "Tottenham Campus" (that's how those people call stadium these days) and drink few beers and let it sink in and sing "Levy is the chairman and he'll never go, Levy is the chairman and he'll never go, and he'll never go!"