Uruguay and Peru will face each other tomorrow at 21 o'clock (Central European Time) in quarter final of South American Cup. Odds on leading crypto bet web site sportsbet.io are 1.70 for Uruguay win, 3.55 for draw and 5.60 for Peru win. Odd for Uruguay is quite tempting and forced me to check results and squads.


I knew Uruguay is dangerous because they have great players in attack like Suarez(Barcelona) and Cavani(PSG). However look to other players brought me to cultural shock! Center of midfield gave us names like Valverde(Real Madrid) and Bentacur(Juventus). Left flank is Lodeiro(Seatle) and on right Benedetti (Flamengo). Center of defence have been made from two aces from Atletico Madrid Godin and Gimenez. They play in same club on club level and if Simeone can learn player something it is how to play defense. Left defense back is Cáceres from no less than Juventus (again!) and Gonzales (Penarol). Goalkeeper is Muslera(Galatasaray). There is no place for players like Torreira (Arsenal) or Laxalt Suárez (Milan) in main squad and they are on the bench! Ouch those names hurt! It is not just Suarez-Cavani squad but much more with players from Juventus, Athletico Madrid and Real Madrid strong as ground in center positions. Last and not least important is that they have brilliant coach Ó.Tabárez. He enjoy a lot of respect by players who are ready to do anything for him on the pitch.

So far they run over Ecuador with 4:0, then draw against Japan 2:2 and won against defender of the crown Chile 1:0. They finished first in group.


They played 0:0 against Venezuela, won against Bolivia 3:1 and suffer shipwreck of 0:5 against Brasil. I saw part of their game against Brasil and found out that they are good cannon fodder for squad which unlock their lock first. Guerrero 35 year old is main striker of this squad. I failed to find so big names like in Uruguay here because all players are playing either in American leagues or in clubs like Rayo Vallecano or Lokomotiva Moscow.


Annihilation of Peru against Brasil of 5:0 leave big impression on me. Squad of Uruguay brought me cultural shock as I discovered Real Madrid, Juventus and Athletico Madrid players there. Fact that regular player from Arsenal Torreira can not play in first squad tells everything. They are strong as ground and super favorite to win this game and I believe one of the strongest squad in competition with Colombia and Brasil. I see no way how Peru can hold them in this game! Peru will probably try to defend hard with counter attacks when possible waiting for penalties, but I think Suarez and Cavani will unlock that lock and once unlocked they are finished. It is going to be bye bye Peru after this one. Odd of 1.70 is pretty good and makes this risk justified.

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