Thie biggest PGMOL thief Michael Oliver

Tottenham lost against Chelsea despite it's better team for 3 goals than away side whose players have no clue about football. Loss is consequence of criminal acting of the biggest thief and butcher from PGMOL Michael Oliver.

Game started well. It was clear Tottenham is toying with away side. Kulusevski scored goal early during the game. Son scored second after counter attack, but VAR room disallowed it for offside, but didn't bother to show us the lines. Then Howard Webb's PGMOL thief from Ashington stepped on big stage. He gave Udogie yellow card for tackle in which he got the ball and stopped dangerous Tottenham attack to give Italian yellow card. At that point he stopped to give any foul for Tottenham. Brutal push in the back with both hands on Romero on opponent half was not foul and lead to disallowed goal of Chelsea. Reckless tackles which hit ball on Maddison were not even fouls, but tackle where Romero hit the ball inside the box ended with penalty and red card for Argentinian. Soon after easy push from the back done by Hojbjerg on center with 10% strength of previous Romero push was foul. Deliberate elbow in Udogie face was nothing not even foul and not to talk about cards.

When such immoral thief is in charge there is no football. Consequence of his criminal acts are facts that Madders and Van De Ven went out off the pitch in first half injured. I stopped to watch this PGMOL robbery at half time, but from report I can see he also sent off Udogie in second half and "mighty Chelsea" managed to score second goal. Then probably in stoppage time when all Spurs players went forward they scored two more.

This comes just day after they allowed Newcastle goal after brutal push of Arsenal defender near goal line. Remember what they did to Diaz with his goal and other wonderful stuff they did during this season. This is not regular competition and worldwide broadcasters should stop broadcasting it and ask for refund. People should stop watching it all around the globe. There are plenty of more regular leagues like Serie A, Bundesliga, Primera, La League to mention few. There are also Champions League and Europa League. Fans in England should ask for refund of their money given for tickets too. People should watch those regular competition over TV and leave those corrupted pricks to watch each other and enjoy in their crimes in front of empty seats and without live coverage in entire world.

Someone should publish his address and phone number so Tottenham fans can ask him why didn't he give Tottenham foul after push with both hands against Romero and why didn't he give card for elbow in face of Udogie.

Well done Michael Oliver, you did job you've been sent to do. Crime does pay at least in England. I hope everyone in PGMOL are very happy because Maddison and Van de Ven are out probably for months and Romero and Udogie got suspended.