Thriller in Bournemouth

This article is pure fantasy and imagination. I am not claiming this game was rigged. With ongoing crises in entire world it's normal that certain gentlemen want to fill their pocket. As always they catch entire world by surprise and get everyone not ready. Chamipons League day, big lights on Atletico Inter match there are very few of them who even noticed Borunemouth will play against Luton Town. Even if someone did who would think those sides in fight for relegation could do this ?

I noticed this game on half time when I wanted to check Dortmund result and I noticed Luton Town lead 0:3. That made me tweet "Luton Town means business". I didn't think about that business but more like they are winning this and making relegation battle more interesting. Even then I couldn't think about this ending 4:3. Only when Bournemouth scored first and made it 1:3 thought came through my head. I remembered how Luton Town played 4:4 vs Newcastle, 2:6 vs City and that Chong and Ogbene on their day can be very dangerous.

After watching Inter Milan debacle I had something interesting to see. This Luton Town game ended in 4:3 defeat! I watched highlights and I could see home players failing to jump, but let alone Luton player to score one of first two goals.The most interesting part is what happen after 3:3. Luton Town player, striker failed to score goal in front of empty net sending ball over crossbar. It was clear it's going to be 4:3 at that point. Semenyo scored 4th in 83' minute and there was plenty of time to corrupt "beautiful result". Luton Town players kept feeding Bournemouth goalkeeper with high balls which he easily collected on crosses, but then counter attack of home side happen, one player who was in the game decided to make shot wide of goal from around 16 meters.

Everyone loves beautiful result of 4:3

Look at those happy faces in the crowd. Look at Solanki.


One more thing. I notice English commentator and Premier League twitter called that game a "Thriller". They used same word after Wolves Manchester United 3:4. So I guess in gentlemen vocabulary they call it "Thriller" now. Question is when will be next "such Thriller" ending with 4:3 or 3:4 ? I can only congratulate to Luton Town. If you need to go out of EPL go out with bing bang. The "Beautiful result" is the only right way! LoL!

Someone in Malaysia is surely ready for WW III now. :) "Thriller" lol they are right you never know will it be 4:3 or 3:4 like you don't know murderer before end of Agatha Christie "Poarot" serial. We need to activate those little grey cells inside our brains better to recognize those type of games in advance.

Remember this article is fantasy and joke I don't claim this game was rigged.