Tottenham Brighton game preview

Tottenham will host Brighton on Saturday 09. February in 16 o'clock CET. This is match which will give us answers on many questions. Let's name few:

Are Tottenham material for top 4 ?

Is odd of 0.1% to win the league realistic or should be higher or lower ?

Is that force which is forbidding Tottenham players to play football like they know still in power in North London ?

Will Madders and Bentancur finally click in midfield ?

Did Richarlison score that stunning goal against Everton by accident or is it fruit of knowledge, training and skill ? Can he repeat such goal tomorrow ? I think I know the answer, but I want confirmation tomorrow. :)

Very good news are that all Tottenham players except Solomon and Sess have been recovered. Ange will have full strength team on his disposal. Solomon and Sess are not first team stars anyways. Question is how fit is Son to play this game after elimination from Asian games few days ago where he played two extra times before South Korean side got eliminated by Jordan.

Away side have more injury problems. Their manager De Zerbi will not be on the bench because some operation he's going though while these players will not play or are doubtful for tomorrow game.

List of injured players in Brighton

As you can see March and Milner are out, Mitoma is doubt etc... I'd add to that that Evan Fergusson is not in the best form. Irishman and Welbeck will lead seagulls attack.

Spurs have 3 home games in a row Brighton, Wolves and Crystal Palace and if they can win all three that would mean we're thinking about top four. That is however under very big question mark because team played far from what those players can in last couple of games. It looks like same force which was active under Conte in second season which is saying "Don't play until second half", "Retreat backward as soon as you score a goal" is active again. That force was in full power during first encounter of those clubs when Brighton won 4:2 and completely battered Spurs in first half. Seagulls lead 4:0 and then Tottenham scored two and could and should score third but Hojbjerg's shot ended on the post and we missed "beautiful result" of 4:3. Tottenham players must remember that humiliating defeat and probably want to take some revenge and to show they are much better than they were on that day.

A lot of things changed since then on example Luton battered Brighton recently scoring them two goals literally in first three minutes. They have serious issues in defending and I really hope Spurs can exploit that. I personally think Seagulls don't really want to play European football again next year because they found out it's weight around neck which is preventing them from developing and playing like they want in Premier League. On the other hand top four is main priority in Tottenham. For that reason I expect much better motivated Roosters on N17 and Tottenham win.

This can happen only if players start to move and run on smart way on the pitch and if they don't miss right time for pass and if they don't play sloppy passes. Do you remember this myth saying Ange insists that player with the ball have at least two solutions for pass ? It didn't look like that in last couple of games. I really hope we will see right attacking Ange's Tottenham tomorrow and expect win with result of 4:3 after one exciting and entertaining game to remember.

As always I expect the most from Madders, Bentancur, Romero, Van de Ven, Son and Richarlison. Let's start and play right that dart game tomorrow! COYS!