Rodrigo Lolo Bentancur

Tottenham draw 2:2 at Old Trafford today despite very short squad which is consequence of illness in Spurs camp. Kulusevski couldn't play and some other players played despite sickness. I think I am not exaggerating if I say we were better side today, and I can not be unhappy with this result because we played good football, because I didn't expect anything from this game and because Manchester United player McTomminay missed very big chance near the end when his header went over the goal.

Red devils took early lead in 3rd minute after Hojlund made very strong shot from deep inside the box which ended near connection of crossbar and post. It was chance, Udogie took ball, it deflected to Hojlund, Romero couldn't block him and shot was to good. Everything happen very quickly. Tottenham equalized after corner. Pimbo/Pidgin from Brazil Richarlison was higher in jump and sent very precise ball near the opposite post inside the net. Away fans who were far better than home during this game start to run riot at Old Trafford. He looks good, he looks fine, he is Tottenham number 9... I need to say that corner for goal was consequence of intelligent play of Timo Werner who was in offside and didn't go for ball, but let onside Richarlison to battle for it and Brazilian made corner from that situation and then scored goal. After that Spurs had more of ball, but Manchester United looks more dangerous.

Richarlison is scoring header at Old Trafford

After that Udogie hit post of Spurs goal after attempt to clear cross, man of the match Bentancur saved Spurs twice after great dispossessing of United players inside the box. United took lead after very good one two between Rashford and Hojlund and first one made clinical attempt to far corner. Ball went under Van de Ven who tried to block and Vicario didn't have a chance to save it.

Betnancur takes ball away from Rashford
Rashford is scoring goal against Tottenham

After that moment Tottenham start to play better, Skipp made very good pass in space for Werner, German player has one on one with opponent, entered inside the box but then shot poorly wide of goal. That is not how good clinical strikers are shooting from that position Timo! If that was Son that would be most likely goal and photo session after. Couple of minutes later Romero hits crossbar after another corner. It was from very close range.

Romero is hitting crossbar at Old Trafford

Second half just started, spectators didn't sit properly on their seats and Rodrigo Lolo Bentancur did his magic. Skipp sent ball left to Werner. It was not the best ball, German took it moved toward inside, Rodrigo opened Timo sent straight ball toward him, Lolo entered in 5 meters and scored above Onana who expected low shot. That was superb piece of play of doctor of football from Uruguay Rodrigo Bentancur!

Rodrigo Bentancur scored goal for 2:2 at Old Trafford.

We were better after, had a lot of corners, but could not put ball inside the net. Then at the end McTomminay had dead chance. He was alone in 5 m., but his header ended over the crossbar.

It was good game, players gave everything they've got and that's what is important. Worth mentioning is fact that Brenan Johnson looked like very tired man in other part of second half, but Ange didn't substitute him, but put Gil in instead of Werner. Youngster Donley didn't have chance again. I don't know if he is ready or not, but I know Gil is not ready for Premier League football and he came in during Nuno. We changed Jose, Mason, Conte, Mason again and we have Ange now and he is still not ready. He just isn't for this league. I understand we are short with options, but Donley is talented player and if you ask me he should play at least 10-15 minutes as substitute when starter is dead tired.

For the end I want to say that referee Brooks was excellent. He calmed down everyone on time in first half with couple of cards. He made players know he will not tolerate rough play and we watched fair play game. There was penalty claim by Garnacho during first half, but it was to soft contact and he wanted to fall. I think referee was right about that situation and I would say the same if it happens with Tottenham player. Fair play was until McTomminay came in. That guy almost injured Hojbjerg and Udogie in like 5 minutes with reckless starts.

Van de Ven went out near the end because of injury, but it is not serious and will not require new pause for him. Radu Dragusin, "Who could have gone to Germany, but came to Spurs after Ange call, and who is our Romanian machine who is good on the ball" ,(Bonney M Rasputin song melody) had his 10 minutes near the end. I noticed him when he cleared one cross. Maybe if he came little earlier on attacking corner he could decide this game, but we'll never know because he entered on the pitch after that corner. What we know for sure is we don't need to be afraid if one center back can't play because we have very good replacement now.

I am very satisfied with this 2:2 result and more with performance. When we compare it with last season this one was so much better. Things will be better from now on because daddy Madders is coming back in squad and then in February Son, Bissouma and Sarr. Then we will watch Bissouma/Sarr-Bentancur-Madders midfield and Son in the attack.Next game is FA cup against Manchester City at home in two week time. See you then!