Tottenham Aston Villa 1:2

Tottenham lost match against Aston Villa with result of 1:2. However things must always go worse than I thought as Spurs lost again excellent midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur. Savage, barbaric start from behind without any wish to get to the ball, with clear intention to send opponent top player into hospital done by human garbage, dirty trashman Matty Cash after 30 minutes completely changed the game. Tottenham who was far better until then, whose players like Kulusevski and Bentancur did dance on the field turned into sorry side as soon as Hojbejrg came in to replace irreplaceable Uruguayan. Morons from Tottenham medical team again forced Rodrigo to walk out instead to use stretchers. Maybe they don't have stretchers, maybe it's to expensive thing for Daniel Levy ? Who knows.

Ange setup exciting team and surprised me. He put Royal on Dier's place, he put Rodrigo, Kulusevski and Lo Celso in the middle and Gil, Johnson and Son in attack. It looked very promising. Aston Villa high line was exposed so many times, attacks and chances repeated one after another. It could be 3:2 for Spurs after just 3-4 minutes. Match had every chance to become the most exciting match of the season. Lo Celso's shot form around 16m gave Tottenham well deserved lead, but lack of power in aerial duels was also present. Then that criminal start happen, Rodrigo went out and everything changed. Perpetrator for whom I hope will be hit by car or truck on road scumbag Matty Cash got yellow card for that. There was elbow in face on Gil in penalty box, but VAR didn't bother to check it. Deep in stoppage time man with brick inside his head Brian Gill turns backward only God knows what time and made bad back pass to goalkeeper who risk leg breaking to kick that ball out of play before Villa player. Soon after someone made stupid foul. Cross happen and Pau Torres jumped over Ben Davies who doesn't have height to be central defender and scored easy goal for 1:1.

Second half brought excitements in front of both goals, but only Olie Watkins scored one goal for 1:2. Curiosity is that Spurs had 3 goals disallowed for offside, all three scored by Son. Two offsides were his, one Johnsons. The best moment of the game was moment from first half when I think good Dejan Kulusevski stormed inside the box, tricked defender and goalkeeper, had entire goal open but hit post or crossbar. It was really unlucky. He had one shot which flied just outside post, had couple of wonderful assistances toward team mates in both halves. Brian Gil is brick, he played awful and I don't want to see him playing for Tottenham again. Sell him on January 1st. Guy doesn't know what he is doing on the pitch. Hojbjerg is to slow for Ange ball, Johnson has pace, but struggled to make bigger impact on game. Lo Celso is slow too, but there is hope for him.

More than defeat hurt thought we lost Rodrigo Bentancur again for only God knows how long period of time. Two starts in short period of time for Uruguay and Tottenham were obviously too much for him. What Conte told we showed once more we are not a team. They send out best player to hospital and we didn't sent their. As long as we are that nice they will come to our ground and send our players in hospitals. Skipp who came near the end could on example send Watkins or Pau Torres to hospital and get red and then Unai Emery would think twice before injuring our player again.

What Ange would say we are in the beginning of road to become club we want to be. We need patience. Our coach has very big list of injured key players and some idiotic fans are already calling for coach head because they would do better than him with Dier, Davies, Skipp, Hojbjerg and Gil and players like that. They should search for only one head and that is balded head of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy who yet again failed to assemble good squad, who left this club with only 3 central backs and one of them being Eric Dier... That was idiotic.