I just saw this picture and it makes me very angry. When you exclude Kulusevski and Porro who Tottenham signed in previous windows we spent only 54.8 million GPB on new signings. Let me remind you we sold Harry Kane for 120 million Euro with addons and Winks for 10.

What infuriated me is information we will not sign Orban from Gent unless Belgium side lower his valuation under 30 million because we are ready to pay few millions lower fee. Player who is fast in acceleration (start running from standing position gaining speed very quickly), lethal in front of goal, with skill could be what we miss, but couple of millions will prevent us from signing. It's not first time we'll miss very good player because of few millions. By the way he started to follow Spurs on social media.

Then I remembered there are 50 millions remaining from share sale last summer transfer window which they promised they will use now.

Titles like we need to sell first to buy which in reality mean "We end our incoming transfer window" already started. We didn't sell any bad, lazy or not fit for Ange player except Winks. Row is very long with Dier, Ndombele leading it, but alas Turks offer only 13 million for Tanguy while Eric is "wanted by a lot of clubs", but no one bids for him. We'll setup unrealistic big price for dead wood so we avoid selling them because if we sell them we will be forced to buy someone and probably spend little more money on buying then we can receive on selling. Clear conflict of interests.

These cons should be able to spend 150 million each year on incoming transfers. They will not do it, but what they will do is to increase ticket prices because it's "time of crisis". They have better plans how to spend money they get from football - to build hotels and other buildings. Let me remind you they didn't invest single penny from their pockets into the club. They bought club on loan, they built stadium on loan which is on football club and not on Lady Gagga, Bionce, some NFL club or F1 team...

What is puzzling me is why majority of fans are tolerating this ? Why don't they protest ? Survey said 58% of Tottenham fans are satisfied with owners and that is disturbing. I really don't see good reason for satisfaction with only 1 low level trophy like League Cup won in this century. Add to that "Insider trading" accusation for man who pulls the strings behind the scenes and you will have full picture.

Then some fans get angry on Kane for changing club because he wants to win Champions League and to play on the biggest stage. Why not be angry on ownership which failed Kane which failed to build up team around one such world class striker ?!

Spurs need to bring 2-3 more very good players to compete for 5th place, why don't you bring them and let Ange convert them into goal scoring opponent grinding machine ?! You can always loan 100 million Levy and 5th place could return that very quickly! We have free flow attacking football manager, we are happy how our play looks like so far despite it's very early stage, but we need 2-3 reinforcements to be successful. Go get them! Gift Orban is one of them, he should become one of us!

COYS Daniel