Wolves Tottenham result prediction

After butchering of Tottenham players by criminal organization with acronym PGMOL North London club need to play Wolves on Saturday in annoying lunchtime time. Spurs will be probably without entire first line defense. Romero and Udogie have been suspended, Van de Ven will not play again until January, Porro did not participate in training yesterday. Davies has been injured from before. We will watch Emerson Royal, Eric Dier, Phillips or Hojbjerg and I don't know who on left back position. It will be probably someone from academy. Midfield should be fine if Madders can play. Richarlison will go under surgery which is good news because that means we will watch Dejan, Son and Brenan in attack.

Wolves will be without Neto, but they still have "Korean guy" Hwang who can score goals. They are much better side than position on table is saying. I still remember how they overplayed Man United away, how they should score 3 in first 30 minutes against Liverpool, how they won Man City and draw 2:2 with Newcastle. They get inspiration against so called "big teams". They are very skillful and have pace. However their defense is not the best and they conceded two vs Sheffield United.

What does this tell you ? Home side good in attacking, not so good backward, away side without first line defense. I can tell you it tells me it's going to be 4:3 or 3:4. :)

I want to express my frustration again with referring against Tottenham in last 3-4 games. Van de Ven injury is direct consequence of rough not sanctioned fouls from behind on him against Fulham, Crystal Palace and Chelsea. Romero red card is consequence of deliberate provocation of referee who didn't give stonewall foul to him on center after which he got upset and he has short fuse. You could see clear anti Tottenham intention of Michael Oliver against Spurs when Hojbjerg pushed Chelsea player on center with 10% of strength Chelsea player used to bring down Romero and it was foul, but on Romero it was not. That is where you see intention. Such people like Oliver should be removed from football.

I am disappointed with mild Ange reaction in style "referee must have authority and if we all talk against them they will lose authority". Imagine what would Klopp say if he got penalty and red card against Liverpool on Anfield for hitting ball and then leg. Imagine what would Arteta tell if that happen to Arsenal at home. Referees are helping Liverpool ever since Tottenham game and Klop rant. No second yellow cards to Konate vs Everton, no deserved card against Luton for stopping dangerous counter attack by doing tripping from behind etc... When you rob Liverpool or Arsenal you can count on reaction, but when you rob Tottenham no one will say anything so you can continue robbing without any consequences. How can we play football when full strength naughty push with both arms in Romero's back on center is not foul ?! How can anyone play football if PGMOL hooligans stop giving Spurs clear fouls at some point of the game ?! It's impossible. I ask Ange to react like Klopp or Pep. Better you are they will rob you more.

Other thing I want to point out is medical team. When Neves ran and fell on same part of pitch Van de Ven did with same type of injury, Wolves medics carry him out on stretchers. When Van de Ven felt Tottenham medics forced him to walk out just like they did with Bentancur. Why is that ? Don't you have stretchers on N17 ? Do you know that walking after bad injury can make it worse ? It's unbelievable.

For the end I want to tell that you probably remember rants of Spurs fans to bring RESERVES for Van de Ven and Romero, but owner Daniel Levy bought only Phillips and then he sold Sanchez after transfer window closed in England so he can't be pressed to buy anyone and put money inside pocket. So Everything bad what will happen tomorrow, vs Aston Villa and Man City and until January is direct guilt of Daniel Levy. If I am Ange I'd put in young Phillips because he is what Levy bought from defenders. We all know Dier and Davies can't play in high line because they lack pace. If youngster Alphie Dorrington has any pace I'd put him in before Dier or Davies. We are in front of loosing row so why wouldn't we give our young players some Premier League experience ?

One more thing Daniel Levy told us over his mouth called D.Ormstein is that he is skint again, that he hasn't money for January transfer window and that it's questionable if he will have it in next Summer too. What kind of owner of football club is he ? It seems to me that he just likes to take money from football and put in his pocket to build some buildings. I hope initiative of King Charles to put owners of football clubs under more control will apply on him.

One joke for the end. If you don't have money my man obtain some by playing 4:3 or 3:4 like Man United did. Remember you saw 4:3 prediction first here. :)

UPDATE: James Maddison has been injured and will be out for 1-3 months!