Brenan Johson scored late winner for Tottenham after World Class ball by Son Heung-min

Maddison gets ball on Tottenham half, Son and Richarlison are running on the left, Madders sends right time pass in space, Richarlison receives ball continue to run, Son opens on flank, Brazilian sends him good ball in space, Son has advantage over defenders, sends world class low ball toward back post on around 5 meters, ball is to far away from goalkeeper, to fast for tackling defender, but just right for Brennan Johnson who scores from close range for 2:1 and Tottenham win! That is what happen in 96th minute of Tottenham Brighton game today. That's what happens when Son Heung-min is doing counter attack.

Richarlison pass in space to Son which was right thing to do.
Superstar Son Heung-min sent rocket ball inside to back post toward Johnson to score tap in

It was game with ups and downs for Tottenham which were better side for most of the game, but it's not like away side didn't have their chances. Match didn't even start in 49th second of it Vicario was forced to make stunning diving save to deny attempt from deep inside the box toward far post.

Viccario great save in 1st minute of the game.

In 15th. minute Bentancur got dispossessed on around 16 meters, Brighton players did quick combination ball deflected to Wellbeck and Van de Ven tried to take it away, but hit opponent and it was enough for penalty for away side. There was contact, but as always it's question of intensity of it. Feeling is that referee made right decision. Gross scored from penalty kick and it was 0:1. That was like necessary injection to Tottenham players who started to play better.

Richarlison didn't score from this chance
Timo Werner poor suffering shot from here which would went wide anyway was blocked.

Soon after Madders found alone Richarlison with wonder pass in space, but Brazilian failed to beat Brighton goalkeeper who saved his shot and after that Werner showed he lack basic shooting skill. Ball deflected to him on around 16 meters and he made pathetic poor effort which would end wide of goal anyways, but was blocked by defender. He simply kicked that ball with wrong part of foot. It's astonishing.

Madders shot
Madders unlucky shot which went just wide

Madders has his moment when he tried to score form around 16 meters, but his very good attempt went just little wide of goal. Then Kulusevski had opportunity, was deep inside the box, but opponent initiated little contact with him and he tried to shot on goal from falling position while Werner was alone on 6-7 meters just to do tap in. German player was very angry after. Dejan's shot was saved by goalkeeper. It was way easier to just send ball to Timo inside for 100% goal and Dejan saw him for sure, but did what he did anyways.

Viccario Viccario Vicario! Stunning diving save
Viccario stunning save from other angle

Brighton forced Viccario for one more flying save near the end when he deflected very dangerous shot toward goal.

Kulusevski tried to shot on goal while Werner was alone

Spurs started with very good play in second half. They pushed Brighton to their half and attacked in waves. Seagulls lost balls on their half, Bentancur and Dejan Kulusevski woke up and start playing. Dejan Kulusevski started to show his skill to Brighton left back. After Bentancur finally moved around two players ball came to Dejan and Deki skillfully sent ball in space for Sarr who stormed inside the box, tried to pass low ball toward Richarlison, but it was like always intercepted by Dunk, but this time ball deflected back to Senegal player from the post and he push it inside the net with left foot and then ran toward fans and hug cople of them in first row. It was 1:1. Tottenham looked like very seirous team in that 15-20 minutes of second half.

Kulusevski great pass toward Sarr before 1:1
Sarr is scoring goal against Brighton

Then changes happen. Bentancur and Dejan who just started to play good went out and Bissouma and Son came in. I expected Spurs will continue to play this Ange way, but it looked like they vanished from the pitch after. Brighton took possession and looked like more dangerous side. Mitoma started to work out Porro on his side and made 100% chance for Seagulls, but his team mate sent ball little near post. Soon there was one more dangerous situation again after Mitoma penetrated on that side. Situation ended with like 3 Brighton players against one in the other side of box, but attempt was blocked and deflected by Tottenham "Speedy Gonzales" Mickey Van de Ven. It looked like Brighton will score and grab 3 points, Ange put in Hojbjerg trying to stabilize passing a little. Then deep in extra time 4 sons Son, Maddison, Richarlison, again Son and Johson decided the game with action described on top of the article.

Dead chance for Brighton which went wide

I am glad about victory, very happy with 20 minutes in second half, but very worried because what happens after equalizer. That kind of disappearance from the pitch should not happen. I thought we have one of the best midfield in Premier League, but after this this is big question. Bentancur in front of 4 defenders didn't look like solution and player who can transfer ball upfront. He looked like player who can't turn around with the ball. Madders was forced to drop deep to receive ball and to do that job and once he started doing that we looked more serious. A part from goal and one good move in defense I didn't see much Sarr. Bissouma comming in didn't change anything to better.Also a part of goal Johnson was very bad, way how he ran into goal kick with one good ball in space was Sunday League level. He got also dispossessed a lot of times. Werner on other side had very bad game too. Every his attempt to find Richarlison inside was easily blocked. Kulusevski slept first half a part from that missed chance, but in second showed quality, but then he went out. Richarlison tried a lot, has his good and bad moments, but at the end of the day it was not convincing performance by him either. Players who showed real quality today were: Vicario, Romero, Maddison and Son.

Another dead chance for Brighton

I hope Tottenham can play better than this in future. I hope that midfield will click with time. Meanwhile I ask you do you know this Tim Winstone and SpursSongSheet song ? James Maddison plays down the White Heart Lane and he loves the darts, he's our number 10 and he's done it again Tottenham superstar! No ? Maybe you know this Rhyana song ? "When Son shines we shine together, he'll be our Spurs forever..."