Tottenham players started well match against Newcastle. They had ball, created two big chances and one more dangerous situation in front of Toons goal, but then something happen. That something is similar to what happen in Chelsea match. In that game Spurs also started well, took lead, scored second goal disallowed for offside, looked far better than Chelsea. Things that happen are disgraceful referee decisions against Tottenham after which Spurs players became very angry and angry players make mistakes and mistakes lead to goals and losing momentum and games. Versus Chelsea it was Michael Oliver who didn't give clear and obvious foul to Romero, failed to give few more fouls and our players lost their heads and started making penalties and cards. Yesterday it was Tim Robinson who didn't give yellow card to Burn for stopping counter attack of Tottenham when Maddison had clear 20 meters ahead. Burn jumped on him from behind. It's yellow card every day of the week in every game, but it was not yesterday. There was also hit on Bentancur's shoulder and head inside Newcastle box. Referee looked like FAPGMOL sent him to sent off some Tottenham key player before Arsenal game, but he failed in his mission. That made players angry, angry players started to make mistakes which lead toward goals, disappearing from the pitch and losing match. Newcastle players were not nervous, Tottenham players were. Good thing is no one got red card.

Why are Tottenham players getting wind up so easy with few decisions against them ? I don't have answer on that, but staff need to work a lot on this "anger management". I already see pro Arsenal referee in next game against them and everyone need to be ready for it. FA_PGMOL bias toward Arsenal and their wish to ensure they win the title is disgusting. They played basketball in own box at no less than Anfield Road against direct rival like Liverpool when Odegard deliberately removed ball from Salah like experienced basketball playmaker, they had wrestling practice at home vs Liverpool and away against Machester City. Remember that disgusting trip and pulling back of Haaland running toward goal by Rice ? I counted at least 3 yellow cards they didn't receive during first half against City away. When they get that kind of referring vs Liverpool or Manchester City what do you think will happen against Tottenham for two weeks ? It can only become worse for Spurs.

Our players and staff need to be prepared for that and not get wind up, angry and nervous. They need to be smart and cunning like foxes. We'll need to win opponent and referee in next game. I am to old to give advice, but wise man said this long time ago: "When you are angry count to 10, when you are very angry count to 100."