Johan Lange

Tottenham Hotspur appointed Johan Lange as sporting director. He worked at Aston Villa before he joined Spurs. Multiple sources are saying he is trying to bring Jackob Ramsey in Spurs and to send Gio Lo Celso plus big money on the other side. This rise a lot of questions like is he still working for Aston Villa or for Spurs ? Why would anyone switch better player for worse and give big money to other side ? Fortunatelly Aston Villa refused an offer expecting Lange will come back with even bigger money for them. They take Tottenham owners for fools!

First of all Lo Celso is member of Argentina national squad, current World Cup winner, while Jacob couldn't penetrate into sorry England side for this Euro. Before you say to me Gio is too often injured, let me tell you Jacob played fewer games and minutes than Gio. He has rich injury record too. Aston Villa player is younger, but far behind Gio in a lot of statistic parameters. Here are some disturbing stats:

This is Gio Lo Celso. You can see he's green in everything a part from blocks, clearances and aerials won and interceptions. Jose described him with words "excellent with the ball not so good without the ball".

Lo Celso stats

Take deep breath before you look this red stats of Jacob Ramsey:

Jacob Ramsey stats

You can see he is good in blocks, clearances, but awful in a lot of other stats. Progressive passes, successful take-ons, expected assisted goals. shot creating actions, non penalty expected goals, non penalty goals, shots, assists. He is worse than Gio even in interceptions! Look at this! It's clear who is better player.

Look at this injury record! Hamstring(2x!), foot(2x!), toe!

Ramsey injury record

This is deliberate attempt to weaken squad by bringing in bellow average player and to top up Aston Villa at same time! Questions need to be asked about this transfer business. Aston Villa player is not better than what we've got. So why would anyone swap better player Gio Lo Celso for this player Jacob Ramsey and not only swap better for worse but also top up Aston Villa really good ? Whom is this guy working for ?

By the way Spurs distanced themselves from any good striker or attacker. Names of players this club is interested in are big disappointment! I can read only about some 18 years non proven boys whose stats even in Championship were not so great. It's no wonder why this once big club didn't win anything significant for more than 25 years. People who own it and personal they are hiring are running club in wrong way. FFS they appointed some guy fired in some minor Scotish club like new staff member in this "Mate FC" . They are not doing this because they are stupid, but on purpose because success on the pitch is not in their plans, because at the end of the day they don't even support club they own. LangeOut, LevyOut, ENICOut, TavistockOut!