Bissouma scorer of decisive goal for Wolves

One mid table football club from North London with very average manager served up the biggest crap performance I've seen recently. They lost 1:2 against Wolves not because Wolves played anything, but because they under estimated them and scored two I'd called them own goals.

In this crap performance where only positive mark over 0 deserved Dejan Kulusevski and Vicario they managed to make only 4 shots on target of all mighty Wolves. Only two of them made by Kulusevski were some kind of danger. Only moment worth mentioning is great play by Kulusevski in goal in the beginning of second half. He tricked couple of defenders and hit the target with attempt through legs of Wolves goalkeeper. It was very nice moment of this game. Same player made one very good shot from edge of the box, but it was saved and deflected into corner. Tottenham corners as it seems are these days bigger danger for Tottenham net than for opponent. After such one Bissouma stupidly missed the ball and counter attack started, Neto stormed on our half, sent Royal on one side, but had 3 players around him, but player who lost ball Bissouma didn't bother to track opponent who was alone and Pedro sent him ball for easy goal and 1:2 and game over. Until the end only Ben Davis had one chance but his pathetic header went well wide of goal. Maddison didn't exist on the pitch just like Son during entire game. Royal didn't have clue in attack. Spurs didn't concede 4 or 5 goals only because Wolves didn't finish some counter attacks.

First goal was also master piece. Corner for Wolves after which Richarlison sent ball in corner again for absolute no reason. Then after another corner not a single Tottenham player bother to jump on the ball and Wolves player jumped alone on 6 meters and scored easy goal saying "Thank you boys". Personal who are practicing attacking and defending set pieces should get fired tonight. Tottenham didn't create any chance during entire first half. There were one, two promising attacks but they all ended with blocks without chance.

What Conte would say "Some people think we can fight for something this season ? Fight for what with these players and manager ? For 6th, 8th, 10th place ?" This was utter crap of football which reveal the truth that Tottenham at the moment is one mid table club with very average manager. Days when we played bad and get away with lucky wins have passed. This is sad reality. What shell these ignorant search in Europe ? To disgrace, to be battered ? No thank you. We are for good old 8th place and no European football. As far as I am concerned they don't need to play or train until end of season. They can continue to dance in discos.