The Journey Begins

It's definitely an overwhelming surprise how the blockchain has evolved up to this point. The possibility of creating great relationships and interactions beyond that of ordinary social media like Twitter, Facebook etc... up to a level of making it incentive-based. This is indeed a huge breakthrough.

Interaction!! Definitely what led me here and also my desire to exploit new opportunities. All thanks to social blockchain technology. I joined the platform recently after acquainting myself with a few details. I'm still quite new to blockchain technology and just started blogging recently and when it deals with sports, I tend to synchronize more with soccer, specifically European football.

For Scorum I don't have any plans yet since I'm a newbie. Still, I wouldn't have joined if I never had a strong anticipation and belief for the great things ahead. I hope to make many friends on my journey, so we can share ideas and on the long run be an asset to Scorum and sports in general.

Oh before I forget😁!! Y'all can call me "Avelous" my first name or my username, "Synick" Whichever suits you. And also I'm Nigerian