This all started yesterday when I was having lunch with a colleague and he showed me a very similar quiz to the one below which I just couldn't crack. Eventually, I had to ask him for the answer because everytime I thought I'd got it I realised I'd hit a dead end and it was driving me mad. We then spent the rest of the afternoon writing each other these little footballing brainteasers and by the end of the day we'd roped 3 other guys around the office into our little game.

The idea is quite simple you look at the 6 players below and then name the 1 player who has been a teammate to all these players in their career. Easy right? Well let's see........

I'm offering 20 SCR to the first person to guess the footballer. If no one can get it within the first few hours then I will release a clue but in doing so I'm going to decrease the prize on offer.

To confirm the players in the picture are

Laurent Blanc, Ade Akinbiyi, Steven Gerrard, Robbie Fowler, John O'Shea & David Beckham

This player could have been a teammate of theirs at club or international level. However, only proper league and cup matches have been considered i.e. no testimonial matches or one-off charity games.

You can use whatever tools are available to you to find the answer, although I recommend Wikipedia as a good starting point.

After about 3 hours of me posting this, I will release a clue and the prize fund will drop to 10SCR, thereafter I'll release the 2nd clue and it'll drop to 7SCR before I finally release a 3rd clue and it drops to 5SCR.

You can only make 1 initial guess and then another guess after each clue i.e. don't just copy and paste lists of footballer name in the hope of getting it right and don't keep editing your answer.

Good luck!

Winner - @kolumbus

Yes indeed it was

Robbie Keane

The links are as follows

Laurent Blanc - Inter Milan

Ade Akinbiyi - Wolves

Steven Gerrard - Liverpool

Robbie Fowler - Leeds

John O'Shea - Republic of Ireland

David Beckham - LA Galaxy