I often question myself whether big tournaments are an incentive to growing the blogging world and industries thriving on watching , playing and commenting. We are not usually aware of every industry involved in sports. From sportswear to podcasts or sponsorships, it allows the entire world to question their own lifestyle when they give themselves time to think.

What does it take to promote sports? I think writing is the fastest way to connect with any sports lover given the context that not everyone is a sports journalist. Sports federations work on budgets for the most part and have nots. Broadcast rights are being discussed quite openly yet sports in general are still thought as entertainment. The word entertainment sounds as entering something you want to attain. Our feels towards it don't really influence the outcome. Do you think for yourself that watching sports and commenting as a fan might make your professional and personal lives better? It could. You would use this website as a way to build a new narrative on what it is like to watch at last.

The men's played the football World Cup last year and the women's in a couple of months. I should be able to see if these events are changing how we look at our own interests. The implications are wider than any commitments. We use social media to talk about sports more than we are conscious of. Problems solvers do just that when they can. Sports journalism has become too rigid. This could have an entire industry change for the better not just wish anything could happen. The question I would ask you to consider is whether you want to develop a sports industry that reflects your interest in it.