His name is " ZABIVAKA "

Which means in Russian "the one who scores". What a great signification for a Mascot Worldcup!

This mascot was born in a design competition that will allow to choose the best look for this 2018 world cup.

The wolf is full of mischief, charm and assurance, he was elected on Friday, October 21 2016 by the Russian public. More than a million people gave their opinion on FIFA.com for this election. 

Three Mascots was in final, a Wolf, a Tiger and a red Cat. 

53% vote for the Wolf 
27% vote for the TIGER 
20% for the CAT

The designer who win the 1st place is a young student name's Ekaterina Bocharova

Ekaterina was born in one of the smallest towns in the country, Kedrovy, in the western part of Siberia. According to the 2015 census, Kedrovy has 2,129 inhabitants and ranks 1104 out of 1,114 municipalities in the nation (excluding villages and hamlets).

"It's so small that the maps do not mention it," says Ekaterina. "My parents work in the field of oil extraction because there are a lot of oil fields in the area, which is the main activity.We moved to a slightly larger city - Strezhevoy - when I was in primary school, in grade 2. But even with a population of over 40,000, it's still a small town. "

Ekaterina started showing talent for creation from an early age. "I've been drawing since I know how to hold a pencil, I started when I was a little girl, I love to draw cartoon characters, cats and dogs in particular, they are the ones I can best manage. I continued my secondary education in an art school and then I entered Tomsk State University, to prepare a career in the field of graphic design. "

Between dog and wolf

It was precisely at the graphic design department of Tomsk University that Ekaterina got wind of the mascot design competition. "When I heard about this competition, I immediately realized that it was a great opportunity to do something not only for myself, but also for the general public, so I chose a wolf. It seems to me the perfect pet for a pet, I love dogs and I have an Airedale Terrier called Tyson, it has been my source of inspiration. "

Ekaterina is passionate about football and is openly supportive of Real Madrid. This competition has been foremost the opportunity to shine in the profession of his dreams. 

<from Fifa.com>

What Ekaterina win?

Ekaterina Bocharova has exactly earned $500 and gave all the copyright to FIFA. that's it!

what a mediocre gain for this nice design that will bring thousand millions dollars to the International Federation of Football Association?
Please give her right now a Lamborghini, her design it's so cute!

Thank you very much for reading this article.

Thank's to Ekaterina Bocharova to give us this pretty boy name Zabivaka!