By this time last season

Marco Silva was the coach of Watford, but before he accepted the job, he had always wanted to coach Everton

Immediately Everton sacked Sam Allardyce, Marco changed, he became nonchalant and lackadaisical about his job, so that the club will sack him and Everton will hire him

And of course, his plan worked and since then, the Watford fans have hated him with so much passion, that they call him a snake

His controversial exit from the club was really bad (if I am to speak from the human side of me) but not bad (if I am to speak from the career and passionate side of me)

This derby would have been a perfect opportunity to shut the Watford fans up and give them the middle finger, but Coleman and Sigurdson messed everything up for him

This is the second time this season that Sigurdson is missing a penalty, I hope they don't allow him next time, Ben Forster calculated and predicted him well, Richarlison would have been a much better option

Everton started well and ended badly'

I didn't like that draw, maybe cause I like Marco Silva

And by the way, Javier Garcia is a very very brilliant and smart manager

I really enjoyed the game though