For quite sometimes now, Fred has been at the peak of his performance for Manchester United, at first I never saw Fred to be this creative and mindful of goals but he did wonderfully well yesterday!

For couple of seasons now, the fear of United had been not having a creative or some creative midfielders who can score or at least create the atmosphere for goals. I personally feel the performances the likes of Bruno, Fred and Scott have been bringing on is to actually bring a vivid message to the sight of Pogba that he can't really be a big deal at United anymore.

For the past three seasons or more, Bruno has been the best signing for United even the likes of Paul Scholes and many other legends have been giving some good speculations about him. As a United fan, I really do not see much need of Pogba in the team anymore better still, signing a good striker on a permanent note should be United's aim at the moment. Ole is coming up to understanding his team but not style yet.

Nucleus Writes.📝