I think it's high time we'd like to refer to Ronaldo as a living legend. It would have been another kind of story if only Christiano Ronaldo didn't project an iota of success in Juventus at all but overtime, he has appeared and currently still holding the best player's profile at Juventus also.

Rebic of AC Milan got the match ending them to the winning route last night until a foul was committed that lead them down to 10 men. I really tried but unfortunately, they got caught up my pressure when they lost a player to red card.

The match didn't even appear as won to win for juventus but the creativity potentials that Ronaldo has and cultivated won them a penalty and a hope for the finals in coppa italia.

It appears to early but it already seems like what we need to talk about; Ronaldo and Messi, are they finally out of the world best race? Personally, I would say no, but many others could or can share their perspectives. The game of European football still revolves around this two ballers and yet we haven't any projecting future in football without them, maybe, when they both vanish from pitch, we shall see some new wonders.

Nucleus Writes.📝