As a patriotic fan of United, I am currently writing this with great joy. Yesterday's match was quite evident enough that Chelsea wouldn't win but at most, I thought it was going to end as a draw which won't be that bad for both sides but there'll be very little hope for United to feature in the next UCL.

Taking Chelsea down in all meetings this season is quite more of a tropical feeling for United. Even though United has not been the best it ought to be this season, there are lots of potential and sound results for United this season against all big teams in England.

If there's any iota of creativity in the recent United squad, then it's Bruno. He's been playing like and as the man of the game right from his first touch with United. He would go a long way or perhaps, he can only go a long way, he could get to play with my potential players especially a very good no.9

Out of the little men of hope United has, Maguire appears to be on the first list, he doesn't really care much but for the team to win. He's been striving for a perfect header right from day one but it always seems like there was no good flank product in United. And then Bruno made Maguire's dream come true, the cross was perfect and the header was superb with Maguire's head!

Nucleus Writes.📝