Yesterday's FA CUP match between Liverpool and Shrewsbury was a match many thought could end up breaking Liverpool's Anfield record that has been on for quite some time now but.......

It would have been a certain win even if Liverpool had featured their second team with the likes of Origi, Shaqiri and many others but it was quite a risk the managers wanted to try out.

Well, it's quite obvious that Liverpool's matured team would or is already having a problem due to the fact that some of her star players would leave to represent their countries in some international competitions.

The only thing I see as a concern with Liverpool now is that fact that "can they win the EPL with a cleansheet record?" Like Arsenal FC did so many years ago, can Liverpool do the same?

It's a certain fact that the red side owns the league title but if Liverpool would take up the cleansheet record, they'll need more than this Young Bloods to replace the first class squad in some EPL matches. It's certain Klopp would have to rest some or so many senior players but at the same time I'm not sure he can trust these youngsters for any the EPL matches.

Nucleus Writes.📝