Good day and welcome to another sport update, I must admit that I am happy that right now I am now settling into the Qatar World cup. Ever since I got myself committed to it I must admit that everything has been interesting and fantastic. I have watched different matches from this World cup till date and what I have seen so far from different countries is interesting and amazing. Despite the win and the loss they all have shown commitment, love and dedication towards their country. This is fantastic and amazing I must admit. This is what I called being patriotic. This is looking like one of the best World cup competition that I have watched so far for the last Eight-Sixteen years.

As per those who wants to know how my day went yesterday permit me to tell you. It was an interesting one for me yesterday, this is holding to the fact that I was really entertained following all that happened in the two matches that I watched. I watched the Portugal and the Ghana match then I waited for the Brazil and the Serbia match and I watched it too. My intention was to watch just the Portugal and the Ghana match but while watching it I heard the commentator saying that the moment Portugal and the Ghana matches came to an end we will be seeing the Brazilian versus the Serbian matches coming up. I knows the Brazilian team are filled with brains and talent, that is the more reason why I am looking forward to their match.

Well, I must admit that I knows that the Portugal and the Ghana match is going to be an interesting one. I was happy seeing the Ghanaian team pushing in their best performance, they made the match interesting, fun and difficult for the Portuguese team. Many people where happy that their Goat Cristiano Ronaldo created another history yesterday as the first player to score in five consecutive World cup matches, I must admit that I am happy for him but with the way the Portuguese team is looking they still needs to work on their team. The Ghanaian team almost got them frustrated as you can see Cristiano Ronaldo struggling to get it but things changed for him at the tail end as he was able to score through penalty kick and that created history for him.

Deviating from that and moving to the Brazil and the Serbia team I must admit that it was indeed an interesting and fantastic match. You need to see how the Brazilian team played the Serbian team right from the first minute till the very end.

It got to some extent that I was thinking that the Brazilian team have something in their mind against the Serbian team, you just need to see the rate at which the raiding was coming from left and right. They pushed in a lot of positive effort as they are after just the much needed three point. Do you knows that they pushed in a lot of effort like this for a long period of time before the break through finally came. It was in the second half after the Serbian team hold the pressure up to 67fh minute before Richarlison was able to score the first goal. The moment the first goal came things got worse and intense for the Serbian side as they kept on pushing and pushing till same person, Richarlison scored in the 73rd minute as to what might be the goal of the tournament to make it 2nil for the Brazilian side. It was the two goals from him that ended the match as it gave the Brazilian side the much needed three point. This is what ended the match between the Serbian side and the Brazilian side. I must admit that I am very impressed by what I saw regarding the Brazilian side, if they continues with this great form they might be unstoppable. Although I am impressed by the Brazilian side but I must admit that I just can't judge with this first match or I will say that it is too early to judge, I will await their other matches before I will give my final judge about this Brazilian team but before then I am impressed by what I just saw.

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