There is one thing that I have grown to love about the world of soccer, the love here is real. We may fight and quarrel but that is part of the game. Despite that you will still sees us getting united when the need to do that arises. There was a something that I experience, it happened when we were watching match together. Do you know that the argument was something else between this two dude. We tried calming them down but it was all to no avail. Painfully and sadly, they started fighting. It all resulted to injuries for both parties. This became a big concern for me and I was not happy. Despite that, one thing that I am happy about is the fact that it didn't lead to death. To conclude the story that I am trying to share above, do you knows that after some few weeks both party came together and were able to resolve, sort and iron their issues out. This is simply because when it comes to soccer to be precise the love here is more than just the soccer itself. This is the single reason why ever since I started supporting soccer I must admit that my love have grown from one stage to the other.

I was passing the above message simply because I want us to knows that when it comes to soccer irrespective of anything that happened between us, the love will still get us together. I am also letting us know so that we can be able to see that when it comes to soccer argument, quarrel and misunderstanding is normal. Despite that, uniting together is another thing that is normal irrespective of what is happening in the soccer ecosystem. I remembered how for some time now I have been seeing alot of fans laughing at me. This is not about me in particular, it is simply about my team. If you have been following up with the world of soccer to be precise you will see that Liverpool fc team have been performing poorly. This is really acting as disgrace to me. When fans sees that your team are doing poorly, they will always makes you a laughing stock. This is what makes soccer interesting and fantastic and I was even laughing at myself too, this is holding to the fact that I knows this is how we catch cruise as soccer fans. It is this type of thing that unite us together.

Referring to discussion of today, I must admit that discussion like this I hardly jump on it, this is holding to the fact that I believe that people bringing up such argument are in one or two ways looking for ways to dent the good relationship that those players have. Sooner or later you will see those players might start having issues, this is because they started listened to word's from those jobless fans. I know there is nothing bad arguing about who is the best or whatsoever, truth be told we should learn to always make sure that we always applies wisdom while doing so. We should not spoil the relationship that those players are struggling to built or have just because of our baseless argument.

As per who is the best between the two players I will say that they both are good and they are definitely doing well. Remember it is always difficult to say this player is better than this. This is holding to the fact that season, era, time, personal performance, league and lots more needs to be determined before you can ascertain who is better or not. The age when they started playing should be taken note of too, the various team they played for. All this should be put into consideration before jumping into conclusion about who is better than who. In a nutshell I will say that Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Erling Haaland, this is holding to the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo has played in a lot of league compared to Erling Haaland and also he has scored a lot of goals. Erling Haaland is just starting, he has a lot of ways to go and from another angle we should knows that Cristiano Ronaldo has won world best while Erling Haaland has not won any.

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