One thing that I love about the Carabao cup otherwise referred to as the Efl cup is that when it comes to this competition, little effort can catapult you into the final of the competition since the competition is a straight knock out system. What I mean by a straight knock out system is that once you are beaten you are already out of the competition, there is nothing to do about it or there is no two ways about it. This is the primary reason why people love this competition so much. As for your information, it is only those that are in the England that can take part in this competition. As for your information, this competition is not just new, it is a old competition which has started many years ago. It started in the year 1960 and since then it has sparked good controversies and another thing that I love about it is that the competition has opened ways for different team to showcase their young talent. I will come back to why I said it has given the opportunity or rather still opportunities for teams to showcase their young talent. While researching I found out that many people have been finding it difficult to understand why people called it the Carabao cup. Regarding that, permit me to explain. The main reason why people started calling it the Carabao cup is simply because in the year 2016/2017 season, the company named Carabao became it main sponsor, since then many people have been referring to the competition as the Carabao cup. It is an amazing competition I must admit. Now many people that will come across this post will now understand why it is called the Carabao cup.

A competition to showcase young talent

As for your information, if you have been following up with my post you will see where I said that the English association football league is a league to showcase young talent. The reason why I said this is that many team see's this competition as less important, this is why they decided to throw in their young talent so that the young talent can use this competition to gather more experience during their careers. I must admit that I am really in love with this competition, I love seeing that players are giving more time to get good exposure when it comes to their careers. It is from competition like this that we ended up seeing greater talent.

Last winner of the Carabao cup competition/Efl

As for your information, the last winner of this amazing and interesting competition called the Carabao cup or English association football league competition is Manchester United. Well, as for your information, painfully the Efl cup title defenders have been knocked out of the competition by the Newcastle United team. I was expecting such result from the match since the Manchester United team are not in good form this season. Their performance is just too poor I must admit. The result from the match despite it being played at the home soil of the Manchester United team ended 3 nil. What a loss I must admit

Deviating to what we have at hand, my team, the Liverpool fc team put up a good fighting spirit as they defeated Bournemouth fc at the home soil of the Bournemouth fc team 2 vs 1 to reach the quarter final stage of the competition. As for your information they are looking like favourite to lift the trophy. Goals from Gakpo in the 31st minute and Darwin Nunez amazing strike in the 70th minute gave the Liverpool fc team the leap to the quarter final stage as goal from J. Kluivert in the 64th minute wasn't enough to give the Bournemouth fc team the cutting edge to qualify for the next stage of the competition.

I am really happy for my team right away, they have been in an amazing exceptional form since the start of the English premier league competition, just check their record you will notice and discovered that they have been in exceptional form this season. As for your information, below are the teams that made it to the quarter final of the English association football league competition and their next opponent.

* Everton vs Fulham

* Chelsea fc vs Newcastle United

* Port Vale vs Middlesbrough

* Liverpool fc vs Westham United

The two match that are looking competitive is going to be between the Liverpool fc team and the Westham United team and also the one between the Chelsea fc team and the Newcastle United team.

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I will end the post here, have a nice day