Many people might say that it will be better that I ask this question when the English premier league season has gone far especially if about 20 games has been played. With that we can be able to predict who will be lifting the amazing rolden boot trophy. The reason that I am taking about it right now is seeing that some players have already started the golden boot race in a very cool and amazing way. I am really pleased by what I have seen so far I must admit. As your knows it, we all without being told knows that the soccer ecosystem especially when you are referring to the English premier league golden boot race competition, we all should knows that it is going to be a big fight. Team here won't let you score and players here are so good. In general, you should knows that the English premier league is a very strong and difficult league. When it comes to the English premier league competition you should knows that it is one league that you don't need to play with, this is simply because you will be blown away by the outcome. You should knows that scoring in the English premier league is always not that easy. This is why anything that I am seeing anybody doing well when it comes to the English premier league competition I am always that happy. Once again, the English premier league is an interesting league where you can see players putting enough effort into whatsoever thing that they are doing. As a player being sighed to the English premier league, you should knows that you are not here to play irrespective of the team that you being signed into.

As per last season it was Erling Haaland of the Manchester city team that won this amazing and prestigious award and this season again he has already started well, he is in a good form already. Looking at the English premier league golden boot race table you will see Manchester city star attacker, Erling Haaland leading once more with eight (8) goals while we are seeing Son Heung-minSon of the Tottenham Hotspur team on second place with 5 goals being score by him. While processing further I can see the Bowen of West Ham United team on third (3rd) position with four (4) goals scored so far. Next on my list occupying fourth (4th) position is Evan Ferguson of the Brighton fc side. I was thinking Mitoma to be the one leading when it comes to the Brighton fc side, surprisingly it was Evan Ferguson that occupied that position. Callum Wilson from the Newcastle United side is the one representing his team as he seats on fifth (5th) position with four (4) goals far. This is an amazing run from him I must admit.

With what I am seeing currently, I will say that I am really pleased with Erling Haaland so far, he just can't stop scoring and I really love how eager he is when ever he has good scoring opportunities, he doesn't love toiling or wasting any opportunity that comes on his way as he knows that goal scoring opportunities in the English premier league sre always difficult to come by. With him playing for a good side Manchester city, he will be having so many goals to his name as he will come across so many scoring opportunities, this is one thing that I really love about the Manchester city side. Funny enough, Liverpool fc star man Mohammed Salah might gives Erling Haalnad might a chase for the award this time around, that will only be possible if he won't depart the Liverpool fc team come the January transfer window. I am also seeing so good display from Darwin Nunez, he might do the unexpected if he continues with this fine form. I will revisit this post more often, this is to update us on what is going on as per the English premier league competition golden boot/highest goal scorer race. Just stay tune to my blog feed and you won't be disappointed at the tail end.

As for me I will love to see chances on who will be winning the golden boot award. Nonetheless, we all should knows that when it comes to the English premier league competition golden boot winner, it is an award that the best player who scores many goals always ended up winning. One thing that I love about it is that it can't be rigged. It is always your goals that will wins you the golden boot trophy.

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I will end the post here, have an nice day.