Seeing the English premier league competition very interesting, entertaining and fantastic is one thing that has driven me along the line makes. The truth still holds to the very fact that these has pushed me into watching every team matches that comes my way. We all knows that we are gradually encroaching the period where by we will be bidding goodbye to the English premier league 2022/2023 competitions. This is not limited to the English premier league competition alone, other competitions our there are part of it. For sure, when it is time for the end of those competitions and league out there, we all knows that we will be bored at the tail end. The soccer competition has been one competition that has been contributing to joy in the soccer ecosystem at large. One good thing you should note or knows is that on my worst day, if I see matches to get me entertained I am always happy. I have been paying attention to the English premier league for some time now, I must admit that with such effort and attention being put on channelled into actions, we all can see how it has helped to pushed the soccer ecosystem to wider angle. I am always on pained that seeing that people are no longer paying attention to our league is something that we should be worried about. Our league is just too poor and with that, it has shown that our marketing strategy or strategies have to really be looked into. Almost everybody in the world are paying much attention to the English premier league, Spanish premier league, France league, Bundesliga premier league and the Dubai league at large. It is so painful that despite with all these, we all can clearly see that when comparism is being drawn in some aspect when you are refering to the Africa league, we all can see that our competition in particular needs to be looked into. We need to come out of our comfort zone to give our best support to our local league. There is never a dull moment supporting your local league. The moment we are doing this, we will see all other investors out there paying attention to such league.

Well, that aside, I must admit that the moment I decided to pay attention to how some team are really performing out their when it involves the English premier league encounter, you will surely be surprised to see that some teams that you are thinking that will do well when it comes to the English premier league title race, they are definitely no where to be found, they are all struggling for their dear life. This indirectly is telling you to knows that when it comes to the English premier league title race or competition, there is never a dull moment. Nearly all the teams out there are good. They are making things or life difficult for the teams that we are definitely refering as the big name team in the English premier league competition or the English premier league title competition at large.

As per the teams occupying the English premier league competition, I will be trying my very best into ensuring that I cover some teams so that we all can knows where the team that we are referring to as our favourite team are currently occupying. I will be happy seeing where my team is occupying. I know for sure that we are definitely far away from our best. Despite that, we all can see that there is still hope to get things right with my team. It is really a pain in our but but just like what I hinted above, I knows for sure that we can eventually get thing right again. As per the team occupying the top position which is the Arsenal fc team, we all can see that at some point in life, I am refering to years back, we all can see that people were criticising them because of the poor form that they were passing through as at that time. The good thing right now is that such story is now behind them as they are now the talk of the town. The talk about the Arsenal fc team is simply holding to the fact that they are in a good position out there doing their possible best. As for your information, we all can see that the Arsenal fc team in the English premier league competition are in good form and for yiu information will never wants to looses our from this good form. They are definitely in the first (1st) position. I don't see them sliding, Manchester city have many chances to go top but th y bows it off.

As for the Manchester city team they are in second position giving the Arsenal fc team a chase for the English premier league title race. Let us see how it will end this season. I will be watching to see where the English premier league trophy will be going this season. As per the English premier league title race, will it be going to the way of the Manchester city team or the Arsenal fc team. As for my team which is the Liverpool fc team, we all can see that we are far from our best as we are currently occupying the 6th position haven't played 26 matches. The Liverpool fc team should knows that if eventually they wants to qualify for the Uefa champions league spot, they should definitely knows that this is the rightful time to push in their best form.

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