For some time now I have been looking forward to set up this post but because I am passing through some pains I haven't gotten the chance and privilege to do so. Well, we all knows that we can't be 100% all the time, many things will surely contribute. The ability to fall and rise is what really makes we the human that we are today.

My last post was on the England fc team but if you read further you will see me talking about Newcastle united and the take over. Before it got to this stage I was 100% certain that for sure Newcastle United will be bought. Resisting such big money move is not easy, the other criteria here is that the Newcastle United team were suffering from a lot. Assuming they are top team I know it will be more difficult for the team to be sold but since they are passing through numerous issues, they knows the best thing to do is to get the team sold. I am so happy that the understanding here was superb.

When the sales was announced I saw how furious some persons are, they said why will the team be sold to an outsider. What a ridiculous statement I must say. If I may ask, why can't it be sold to an outsider? If you have outside investors having interest in your local product it shows you are doing well. Check many countries that are not progressing today, they are suffering because there is no fresh brain in the system. And once again, selling my items doesn't mean I am broke, it means I am ready to give such platform more opportunities to thrive since it will be managed by fresh brain.

I have always hinted that there is nobody that will buy a team with such big money only to crippled it. We should just think positive. I am happy that we have popular example. Take the Manchester city take over as a case study, what did you notice? Was it purchased and destroyed? The answer is simply No. Manchester city ever since it was bought has grown to be one of the best team in the world. With what happened to them we can see that they have attracted good fame to England too.

If the outside investors were not given the mantle maybe by now Manchester city will be dead. It is possible because the competition will be limited to just England alone and they will just be struggling with relegation and all that with nothing new coming into the team. Another poor impact it will make is that the top four (4) will never notice changes, it will still remain Liverpool fc, Chelsea fc, Manchester United and even Arsenal fc. But since that big money move came and the team was sold we can see the transformation it did to the team, league and even to the outside world itself.

The reason I am visiting this topic again is because of what I am seeing, it seems many people don't like the sales following what I am seeing locally here. But that aside, we have the foreign investors trying to take the game to an apex height holding from the take over of Paris Saint German, Manchester city and Newcastle United. If you are following properly you will see that they are not going to be limiting their sales alone to the team they have conquered and rumor having it is that they might be coming for Arsenal fc soon. If that happens, will it be something to celebrate or something to worry about?

The above is something that pounders on my heart recently. I heard it somewhere that the foreign investors are not relenting yet, they will be going for more team. I am in no way not happy about this. Anything that will grows business is what I support. One thing we should note and hold here is that once a foreign investors got his business sucessfully adapted to a foreign world, there is every tendency that more foreign investors will follow that suit and established their business there. It is as simple as that.

I will end the post here, we should keep expecting more take over but it might not be now and I don't know how soon. Just brace yourself for what is ahead. If you have anything to say please air your view by commenting.