If you are seeing me right now you will knows that right at this moment my joy knows no bound. I am celebrating already because I know for sure that my team will never for any reason wants to get me disappointed. I knows for sure that this is football and anything is bound to happen but for sure, I know Liverpool fc just like what I said above won't for any reason got me disappoint. We are going to throw all that we have forward till we got what we are in dare need of. We have gone just too far to fail. We can't fail at this extent, we have over come all the hurdles, this is just the moment to wrap up things, and for sure I believe Jurgen Klopp is over ready for that.

I knows that this is the final stage of the 2021/2022 Uefa champions league competition and Real Madrid is one team you just can't mess with. Just take a look at how far they have come and you will have every reason to fear them. This team to me has been running on luck and that is the major reason why I am afraid of them. I can remember back then when Chelsea fc had same luck run, they ended up winning the Uefa champions league trophy. I will never for once wants that to happen. I just don't want to be left heart broken, this is the sole reason I want my players to perform 100%. Just like what I said above, I knows for sure that it is not going to be easy, we just needs to put in our very best if surely we need this trophy, the Uefa champions league.

Winning this trophy without doubt will mean a very big thing for Jürgen Kloop under his Liverpool fc reign. That will makes it two (2) Uefa champions league trophy for him during his Liverpool fc reign, that alone will mean a lot for the team (Liverpool fc), fans, owners etc. It will also increase our tally to seven (7) times champions of the Uefa champions league. This is really going to be a great achievement and adventure for Liverpool fc as they will go down in history as the second team behind Real Madrid who has won the Uefa champions league the most.

Real Madrid on the other hand won't for any reason loves to makes this battle a easy one for Liverpool fc. They are 13th times champions and winnnig this will makes it 14th times. What an achievement I must admit. The Real Madrid side are blessed when it comes to this competition. I remember back then when we play them in the final of the Uefa champions league competition some years back, they got us defeated after Mohammed Salah sustained an injury. That match for sure really pained me and I am hoping that my team Liverpool fc will be able to take revenge today as they takes on Real Madrid in the final of the Uefa champions league.

For your information, the Uefa champions league competition was founded 1955, about 67 years ago. No wonder this competition is treated so special and also no wonder it worth is increasing day in day out. This competition comprises of all the team that are in Europe. It is a continental competition but we all knows that Europe houses all the best team in the world, that is the more reason we keep seeing the Europe team dominating the Club world cup competition. Incase you don't know, the club world cup competition requires team that are champions from all the continent that we have. For example, any team that wins between Liverpool fc and Real Madrid today will be representing Europe in the club world cup competition.

For sure, the final day has come, I will for sure watched this match and as usual endeavour to get us updated. Bear this in mind that this will never be an easy encounter for both team as both side are one of the finest when it comes to this competition. I am just hoping that we are able to win this match and be crowned Europe champions for second time under the reign of Jurgen Kloop.

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