When it comes to soccer although we are pretending it is not vital but truth be told this is very important. Have you seen a lot of the top name team getting affected now, this is because many of them preferred to buy an already made players, when they do this it means that they will be spending a lot of money going to the fact that they are buying such players when he/she must have grown to a certain age and also being a good player.

There is no way they will sign players without such players meeting up with certain criteria which they want. Let us take for instant that you want to sign me to Liverpool fc. The team must have sat down and look at me properly. In fact they will send scout to keep monitoring me which I will not be aware of. That alone will cost the scouting team money for such expenses to be run. When they sees that I met with the criteria that they want they will now reach out to me to make sure that they secure my services before other clubs will do same. They knows that when it comes to soccer delay is always dangerous.

What I am trying to explain above is that no matter the way you are seeing this or the other way round, when you are on this table and you want to sign such player fees will be surely be spent. Since such players is not groom by your local club there is every tendency that it will cost high. The reason why this fees are high sometimes is not because of the players only, it boils down to so many factors. The contract he has with the club he is currently residing in must be looked into. It is with such act that you will make your bid. If the bid is not up to what is in the contract address of the player, the club might not let the player depart.

Second thing to note here is to see if the player is still under contract or he is a free agent. If he is still under contract i.e he is not a free agent, the money he will be sold for has to be big so that the club and other parties involved can have their own share of the money. This is why you see players getting sales when they are still on contract compared to when they are now a free agent. As a free agent it means that your contract has expired with your current team and you are not ready to renew it with them. If at that moment any other club approaches you, you can make such negotiation by yourself or any way you deem it fit. The good thing is that your team or any other person won't have a say in it. It simply means all fund to you. Many players prefer this aspect.

Buying of players is good when you look at it from many angles. You will see good players to sign in other to sort out the place you needed them to solve with ease in your team. If you are looking for good defender you can go into the market and sort for players with such ability and they are already made. The already groom players by your club might still not have that experience to face the competition ahead immediately. While if you are buying players, it means that such player is 80% ready to face the challenges ahead and he/she has good exposure and experience already.

This post has been running through my mind and head for a long time now. I must admit that I am bothered that is why I am spitting it out so that I can have other people sharing their view on which one they thinks will be better. At least I have dropped different insight and going by that I will say that grooming local players is the best. It saves your team any additional cost and that will go along way into helping the team financially. If you are buying players, the fees will surely be too heavy for your team and that will affect the team financially.

We knows for sure that many club owner don't care about this simply because they have the money to sort such issue. If you are to look at it from this angle you will notice that despite winning trophies they are still in debt, this is because of aspect like this that they are simply following. Simply buying players with big money instead of trying to use their already groomed players.

I will end the post here, if you have any thing that you want to say, please the comment section is always opened for you, feel free to air your view by dropping your amazing comment.