I have been silent recently following the numerous things I have been trying to catch up with. It is not easy at all to keep up with some pace right at this moment. Well, for the love of the chain I just have to keep up with what I am doing. This is where things got really interesting.

It was really painful that this season has really impacted us so badly, I wasn't expecting Liverpool fc to win numerious trophies after they did it the last time. I know for sure attention will be on them and they might face some challenges. I predicted all this and was really sure it will set in. After Liverpool fc won the Uefa champions league and some other amazing trophies like the English premier league and the club world cup trophy, I started seeing laziness in the team.

It happens, you know how it feels knowing fully well that you created history, this is how they got carried away and were unable to concentrate on the upcoming competitions that they have ahead. If you are a Sadio Mane fan, you just have to see how he feels, not proud but was not really feeling the game any more. This doesn't happens to him only, other players were hold accountable for such act and all this boils to the stage we are into today.

When they realized that they have fallen so deep and poorly in form, they tried bouncing back to correcting it, but guess what, it is too late. Jurgen Klopp to me should look forward to building new team, it is going to be a very hard period for him. To make it worst, if Liverpool fc fails to qualify for the upcoming Uefa champions league, it will be another disaster. This is because players like Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino will demand to leave because they want to play in the world best competitions. Information reaching me right away is that Winadjum and Roberto Firmino have been confirmed to be leaving Liverpool fc soon. Looking at how the players have been behaving shows that they are no longer with Liverpool fc. This is why they keep putting in poor and poor form everytime they are playing. I am still wondering while we keep playing them.

This will impact Liverpool fc negatively and if Jurgen Klopp won't find a way to solve this current problem, it might cost him his job. I felt really sad for Jurgen Klopp because he has a lot of work to do. He need to sign players and we know not all players will want to come to Liverpool fc if they find out that we won't be featuring in next year Uefa champions league competition. From what I am seeing here, Jurgen Klopp will need to rebuilt the Liverpool fc team and this might take another two (2) - three (3) years to come by. The question now boils to how long can we wait. As a die hard fan I am really concerned for the team and it will really be painful to see that at this stage we will be loosing our key players to big name club like Barcelona fc, Real Madrid and host of other notable names.

I will be here watching to see how things unfolds but it will really be bad if Liverpool fc sees Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, Mohammed Salah and Windjandum departs Anfield, the question will be where do we start from if such thing happens. I have spoken to some of my friends and I already told them that Diogo Jota is going to be the new phase of Liverpool fc. I don't know who will be partnering with him and blowing up Liverpool fc but I am seeing him as the future of the Reds.

I will end the post here, if you are a Liverpool fc die hard fan, what did you think of the upcoming issue that might affect our team? What suggestion did you think the team needs at this point in time, I will love to hear what you guys have to say.

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Stay bless as you go through this post.