I have promised to make sure that when it comes to the soccer ecosystem, I should be touching all field of the different team and leagues that we have out there, it should not just be only one side all the time. If you take proper note of what is happening you will see and discover that I have been discussing mostly about what is happening in the English premier league competition especially my team, the Liverpool fc. I just want to carry people along so I need to make sure that I am touching all leagues out there. Doing this will help those that are supporting those league to be happy. The update will go a long way into helping them. They will be able to catch up with what is happening in those league that they are supporting and with this they will be able to catch out with all activities out there. One thing that I was expecting this season is that the Saudi Arabia professional league competition will be something to watch out for this season. Rating the Saudi Arabia professional league base on the signings that they made to their league this season shows that the Saudi Arabia professional league should be the talk of the moment right now, funny enough it didn't happen like that. It seems they are still in hibernation stage, I just can't wait to see chanting from those league. I have to start feeling what is happening over there, their signings are superb and wonderful I must admit. As January transfer window approaches I am just praying that they don't sign Mohammed Salah again, we needed him badly this time around and it won't be nice letting him depart. But I trust Jurgen Klopp and I knows what he can do. If you depart the team a more better person will fill the void that you left behind and funny enough, that person will do it so amazingly. This is why I have grown to love the Jurgen Klopp administration in Liverpool fc to be precise. You can see how we have been winning upon winning ever since, I believe the team is so fantastic that you can't toil with them.

Deviating back to what we have at hand, I decided to give the Saudi Arabia professional league my attention today and I must admit that I am impressed by what I am seeing so far. As for your information, after 8 matches played, we now have Al-Hilal topping the Saudi Arabia professional league competition with 20 point. They have won 6 matches, draw 2 lost none, while the Al-Ittihad have played same 8 matches, won 6, draw 1 lost 1. They currently have 19 point. On third position we have Al-Taawoun team who have 19 point also. They have won 6 matches draw 1, lost 1. On fourth position we have the Cristiano Ronaldo and Sadio Mane side, Al-Nassr. They have won 6 matches lost two and draw 1. They have 18 points. On fifth position we have Al-Ettifaq, the side that Steven Gerrard is coaching. They have played 7 matches, win 5, draw 1 and lost 1. I am really happy for the Steven Gerrard side I must admit, just take a look at how they are having a good season already, I pray that such form continues. I never thought that Steven Gerrard will be able to be doing amazingly like this, they are so fantastic and superb when it comes to their performance. This should continue just the way that I wanted. I just want to see him succeeding in all he is doing. He currently have 16 points, he has outstanding match to play also.

With the way that the Saudi Arabia professional league competition is going, I can see a very strong competition this season, the teams here are all making the Saudi Arabia professional league competition a professional one. I just can't wait to keep getting updated about this league competition, it is full of live and amazing I must admit. As for their various fans out there, this is the little piece of information I have about the Saudi Arabia professional league competition right now, just stay glue to my blog and I will surely get us updated about what is happening in this amazing league the more.

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I will end the post here, have a nice day.