I have said it time without numbers that when you are discussing about the English premier league title race or top four race or finally the relegation struggle, this is just the perfect time to get it done. If you see the way I have been staying glued to my television all in the name of not missing out on any thing relating to the English premier league you will be blown away. It is just like my entire life depends on it if I may say. The reason I am glued to my television and also buying PMS (Premium Motor Spirits) to fuel my electrical generation so that I don't miss out on any soccer moment that has to deal with the English premier league especially my team Liverpool fc, you will feel as if that I am don't have any reasonable thing doing with my life. Well, I am not yet starting but the fact still stands that the reason why I am glued to my television and also the reason why I don't fail to fuel my electrical generation every day is holding to the very fact that in my country, electricity or rather still, power supply is so poor, we hardly see electricity staying for five (5) hours not to even talk of twenty four (24) hours. This is the reason why in all that I am doing, my main focus is to always make sure that I don't miss out on any English premier league matches especially when it relates and deals with my club, Liverpool fc. I must admit that I have been a patriotic fan. This is simply because since the Liverpool fc team have been struggling this season, I have remained faithful to my team/club. I have been remaining faithful to my club/team by making sure that irrespective of the frustration, I have been footing the bills for my team in terns of my DStv (Television Digital Satellite Television) fee and above all, I have been buying PMS (Premium Motor Spirits) so that I can keep up with what is happening to my team/club.

I remembered a day where I was not having much fund with me, Liverpool fc have match on that day so what I did was to use my mobile phone to watch the match. The moment that I checked the outcome happening in the match through my mobile phone, I discovered that my team, Liverpool fc were 2 goals upfront, you need to see the fans vibe in me. I had to rush down to my friend, I told him to borrow me money, I use the money to rush down to where they are selling PMS (Premium Motor Spirits), I bought it and rushed back to my house, put on my electrical generator, I switch on my television, load my DStv (Television

Digital Satellite Television) and I discovered that my team is now behind. What t I mean is that the score is not in the favour of my team, Liverpool fc. I discovered that we are now one (1) goal behind. What I mean is that the Liverpool fc team match is now three (3) vs two (2) in favour of the other team, our opponent. Well, you just have to see what my mood changed into 😂. You just need to see how I was very angry. Should in case you still don't know the team, permit me to tell you that it is the Manchester city team. I was really happy seeing that my team was ahead of them so that is why I rushed down to fuel my electrical generator so that I can watch the match since Liverpool fc are already ahead of them. As at that point in time, winning the Manchester city team will mean a lot to my team, Liverpool fc. The moment that I saw that my team was living up to expectations, I rushed down to borrow the money that I needed, fueled my electrical generator by fueling it with PMS (Premium Motor Spirits), and at the same time I make sure that I switch on my DStv (Television

Digital Satellite Television) on. I was surprised to see that I became embarrassed to the extent I almost make the biggest declaration of my life by saying that I will never watch Liverpool fc team match again and to make it worse I almost said that I cease to be Liverpool fc supporter. I must admit that I almost said such word but I closed my mouth by making sure that I never make such declaration. I knows that if on that day that i make such declaration, it could have been the worse decision of my life and above all I will never come back to my words. I sat down and control my mouth and anger by making sure that I meditate on such word for almost about one hour (1hr) before regaining my self by making sure that I refused to make such statement. I make sure that I don't in any way make such statement by making sure that I don't in any way decamp from my team, Liverpool fc. I promised my self that irrespective of any thing happening to my team, I will forever stayed glued to them.

I must admit that I am really happy today simply because my team has been on a good form every since, they are now closer to qualifying for the Uefa champions league competition position by making sure that they have been winning all the matches that has been coming their ways i.e they have won 6 over 6 matches when it relates to the English premier league competition. I never for once thought that this will be possible, just imagine the Liverpool fc team winning the Leicester city team at the home soil of the Leicester city team 3 nil. Two goals from Curtis Jones and two assist from Mohamed Salah in the 33rd and 36th minute respectfully does the magic for the Liverpool fc team before Trent Alexander-Arnold scored from another assist from Mohamed Salah in the 71st minute to round it up for the Liverpool fc team. Just like what I said above, I never for once thought that this will be possible but it happened like a dream and everything fall in the favour of the Liverpool fc team. That is what ended up the match. Liverpool fc with that win went a point below the Manchester United and also a point behind the Newcastle United team. This is really causing a big tension in the English premier league top 4 race between the teams that I mentioned above.

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I will end the post here, have a nice day.