I must admit that irrespective of anything happening in the English premier league, we all can say that the Liverpool fc team put up a good fighting spirit but the bad thing is that it came during the wrong hour. Assuming they wakes up from their sleep on time, they could have qualifed for the Uefa champions league competition spot. It is such a pity seeing my team settling for the Europa league competition. Despite settling for the Europa league spot, I must admit that I am also please by the Europa league spot that we settled for. We all knows that the Europa league has been transformed amazingly well base on some.changes that were made to it. As for your information, we all knows that with the Europa league competition, if your team eventually wins the trophy, they will immediately qualifies for the Uefa champions league competition. With the message that I am trying to pass above, what I am trying to say is that if the Liverpool fc team are able to win the 2023/2024 Europa league competition, it means that the Liverpool fc team will automatically qualifies for the upcoming Uefa champions league season. If you have been following up with what is happening in yh soccer ecosystem, especially as it relates to the English premier league or Europe to be precise, we all knows such thing is a welcomed development. This is why some team loves either the Uefa champions league competition or the Europa league competition. For whatsoever competition out of the two that you find your team as a fan, you should be happy about it. There is a hope for things to go well if eventually your team put in their best by winning.the Europa league trophy.

I was expecting the Manchester United team to do well in the Europa league, painfully, they lost to the Sevilla fc team when I was expecting them to eventually scale through with just a little bit of seriousness. We all knows that Sevilla fc is a good team but with the form that the Manchester team are running on, I gave the Europa league to them as at that time. Painfully, they ended up getting me disappointed. I know how some of their fans were very angry with the outcome of the match between the both side. Up till this time some persons especially the Manchester United team fans are still not happy with their team, they haven't forgive them on what happened. Well, as for me, I know how it pained me very much but I have to chill and focus on what lies ahead..I had to focus on my team in particular. They eventually made me sad also, nonetheless, I had to applaud them for making almost the last English premier league encounter with other team amazing. They pick point when eventually we needed them to do so. Just like what I hinted above, they start getting serious when the season is far gone. The nice thing is that they learned from this mistake, now they will know that picking point during last moment is never the best option.

As for the Liverpool fc team and failure to qualify for the Uefa champions league competition, we all knows that we have just one (1) match to go. This means that the Liverpool fc team after playing that match will still remain in same position even though they wins the match.

If the above happened it means that the Liverpool fc team will only be left with the Europa league choice. As for me I am pleased that we eventually qualified for the Europa league slot by the way. As for me, I am pleased by the Europa league competition, there is nothing bad in qualifying for such competition. All my team needs to do in other to be able to bring or lure in good signing of players to the team, they have to make sure that they are doing well in both the English premier league trophy competition and also in the Europa league competition. I am refering to the upcoming season. Of they are able to do that, I believe players will have reason to sign and play for the team. Painfully, players like James Milner, Roberto Firmino and Naby Keira are already confirmed to be leaving the team at the end of this season, Liverpool fc team to will surely miss them I must admit. Apart from them, I don't know about any player that will be departing the team yet. If I have information about any player that will be departing from the Liverpool fc team I will surely get us updated.

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I will end the post here, have a nice day buddies.