I was discussing with a fan and we spoke a lot about the English premier league and I must admit that the conversation was lovely and fantastic. Sometimes I prefer to engage with soccer conversation because it keeps me lively. It allows me to have information of what is happening in the soccer ecosystem. There is nothing sweeter than having knowledge of the platform or the project you are supporting. It will be embarrassing seeing somebody walking up to you and asking you what is soccer or what can you say of your team and you are unable to spit out anything. It will be something shameful and embarrassing I must admit. I remembered I was a victim of such circumstance some years back. A friend of mine embarrassed me when we were arguing, you need to see how he flawlessly dealt with me. Since then up till now I have always been updating myself about my team. I will never be happy if such thing repeats it self again. For those that experienced what I said, they definitely knows the message I am trying to pass. If it has not happened to you, I will never want you to pass or go through such stress and embarrassment. The painful thing is that up till date the dude still laugh at the mess that happened years back. I am happy that I can now boast that ever since the mess happened, I have taken a step forward by making sure that I knows a lot about my team and aside that, some other league and some important things to note when it comes to the soccer ecosystem. This is simply because I just don't want affliction to happen the second time. You know how if that happens, it will really be a big disgrace to me. I am waiting for the perfect time to make sure that I got my friend defeated when it comes to such argument again.

Pep Guardiola from records have been a very good coach, infact he is one of the finest coach that you can find out there. He did wonders in the Spanish premier league, move to the Bundesliga and he did same. Now he is dominating the English premier league. Just like what my friend said, Pep Guardiola have turned the English premier league into farmers league. By farmers league he means, he means that Pep Guardiola and the Manchester city body have made the English premier league look easy by ensuring that they are dominating the English premier league. In fact, seeing any team coming close will be difficult. This is almost same thing that happened in the English premier league, Manchester United era to be precise. During the Alex Ferguson reign we all see how the Manchester United team were doing wonders, they were winning the English premier league with ease, back to back. Painfully, the legendary coach, Alex Ferguson retired and things went bad for the Manchester United team. Up till date they are still far from their best. They definitely needs to work on their selves if they eventually wants to bounce back to live. We all can see that all the coach coming to the Manchester United team, Old Trafford to be precise have been struggling and performing poorly.

Well, permit me to say what my friend said some days back. He said if you look into things you will discover that the reason why the Manchester city team are winning the English premier league as if there is no team there is simply because their Chief executive officer, the owner to be precise, is doing all it could by giving the team the best. They are always spending when it comes to ensuring that their players are happy. The Manchester city team if they want to sign players, they always make sure that they are going for the best. Just imagine a team having a good starting 1st (first) team and to crown it all, their 2nd eleven are even looking more better than the 1st eleven. This is wonderful I must admit. Sometimes I asked myself how is the Manchester city team are able to make all these players happy. We all knows that players enjoys playing matches instead of being benched but the Manchester city team are not like that, the second eleven are all happy being second eleven. This simply shows that the Manchester city team meant business. For any team to take over they have to make sure that they are doing what the Manchester city team are doing.

Just take a look at how the Manchester city team bounce back into winning the English premier league trophy when we were thinking that the English premier league is already in the hands of the Arsenal fc team. This is a painful bounce back as the Arsenal fc team and fans are currently in pain I must admit. Seeing the Arsenal fc team loosing the trophy at the last hour is painful. One thing that we should all note is that when it comes or relate to the English premier league title race, we all should knows that when you are ahead, don't just slip if not the Manchester city team will never come down once they tops your team.

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