The moment I know it is weekend, I am always happy, this is holding to the very fact that during weekend, they are lot of goodies that we can catch up with. Weekend re energize us and another good thing is that it unite us together and above all, it also redefine us. Since we have a lot of things that we can partake in during weekend, I am all are always happy about it. You can never be bored during weekend because it has a lot of things to offer. I always tag weekend the home of all things. Even though I don't have the chance to go out, they are things I can definitely do indoors. As per what I just said, one of those things I can easily do is making sure that I watch matches from different leagues. When it comes to matches I always make sure that irrespective of anything, I am always updated. Without being updated there is every tendency that I will never be able to get useful information which my buddies will be needing. We all knows that information is important in the soccer ecosystem. For you to be informed you have to be surrounded by different sources. These sources should not be limited, take it to different length that you feel is needed and okay by you.

As per the English premier league competition, we are at the stages where it gets interesting, captivating, amazing, painful, sorrowful, full of pity and lots more. All that you will be witnessing this period is going to be something that will serve you to the brim. As per this league and other leagues like the Spanish premier league, Italian league, Bundesliga league, France league etc, we are in their last days. This is where the competition is gets interesting and amazing just like as I stated above. It is going to be one of the best period in the soccer ecosystem that you are going to be witnessing. I know that we haven't seen the best yet, but you should knows that the fun in soccer ecosystem is cutting through different league this period and that is something to merry about.

When you are talking about the English premier league, you might think that the teams fighting for the trophy are the ones making the English premier league competition to be interesting. From different views you guys are right but paying more attention to it and doing some observations, you will discover that it is the teams fighting for the English premier league top four (4) position that are making the English premier league competition an interesting one. I don't like giving glory to just one team, I believe it is better to say that it is all the teams that are participating in the English premier league i.e the 2023/2023 season, that are making the English premier league title race an interesting one.

Since we are in the last quarter of the English premier league competition we should be seeing all teams dishing out their best game play, this is holding to the very fact that no team wants to get relegated or failed to qualify for some interesting packages. The essence and reason for any competition to be set up is for something to be won. Since such is the case we need to make sure that irrespective of anything we are fighting firn, winning reward is very important. We know it is important to win reward but the fact still stands that it is also difficult to win award since you are not the only one competiting or taking part in that competition. Others are carrying the mentality to win also. This is what makes all competition interesting and amazing.

The English premier league top four (4) race has made the English premier league an interesting and amazing one. Just take a look at how the competition has fallen to the hands of either the Newcastle United team, Manchester United team and the Liverpool fc team to decide their fate. This is where it gets interesting and amazing.

If you have been following up you will see that we have the likes of the Newcastle United team seating on 3rd position with 66 point, Manchester United on 4th position with 66 point also. The Liverpool fc team are seating on 5th position with 62 point. The Liverpool fc team have not played their match, it will be played on Monday. If they win, it will move them closer to the Manchester United team. They will be one point behind their rivals, Manchester United and the Newcastle United team. Manchester United defeated Wolverhampton fc yesterday. Goals from the likes A. Martial in the 32nd minute and another one from A. Garnacho in the 90+4 minute seals the victory for them. They knows that all they needed is to keep winning, if not they will be in problem.

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I will end the post here, have a nice day.