I remembered when I dropped this topic the last time many people said to me that without being told they can see that deep down no matter what, Liverpool fc have no such chances against the Real Madrid team. What they simply means is that there is no chance for the Liverpool fc team to be able to defeat the Real Madrid team when they will be hosted at Santiago Benebau tomorrow. We all knows that without being told the Liverpool fc team have done this before, they have bounced back numerous times against bigger teams from defeat to get us all surprised. I have seen the Liverpool fc team done this against team like the prime Ac Milan team back then and also the Barcelona fc team. Nobody believed they could record such a come back but they did. Before hyping such performance we all should knows that the Liverpool fc team that did that were in a good form when they did this wonders. We all knows that the soccer ecosystem is filled with possibilities but with what we are seeing right now we all should knows that it is looking like something that won't be possible, this is holding to the fact that the Liverpool fc team are in a very critical position. Their form is just too poor for us to see a repeat of something like that.

Despite what I said above, we all should knows that when it comes to soccer we just can't predict anythign. We all knows that it is an ecosystem full of unpredictable moment. With what is currently happening with the Liverpool fc team, if they are able to defeat the Real Madrid team at their home soil which is Santiago Benebau which is located in Spain, I will merry all night. This is simply because without being told, we know this is not the Liverpool fc team that we have known all over the years. There has been major changes this season, our first prayer at this point is to see if we can be able to qualify for the Uefa champions league spot. I have hinted that in all we do we should ensure that we make sure that we try out our possible best in ensuring that we qualify for the Uefa champions league competition, we all knows how vital this is going to be for us.

I must admit that I am really confused and tired about how my team is playing at this point in time, for a moment it will look like we are in our best form, give us some weeks we will be back struggling. I have hinted and stated it clearly that we all should knows that if we are serious and wants to qualify for the Uefa champions league spot we all should knows that the time and period is now for us to put heads together and work towards the task that lies ahead if not we won't be able to qualify for the Uefa champions league spot. Main looking at things we all knows that there is still hope of qualification with the Liverpool fc team. The price to pay is to be dedicated and committed. We have to make sure that we double or tripled our level of seriousness. I know without being told that our top 4 hope will be decided from our upcoming 5 matches from now. We all knows that we have one of the strongest fixture right now. For those that don't knows our top five (5) fixtures yet they should knows that we will be playing against, Real Madrid tomorrow and that is looking like a match that we have lost already.

After the Real Madrid match we will be playing against the Fulham Fc team. Recently the Fulham Fc team held the Manchester United team to a goalless draw, this should send strong signal to us that they are not a team to joke with. As for your information they are currently occupying 8th position in the English premier league log table. Aside that we will be playing against Manchester city immediately after Fulham Fc. After the Manchester city match we will be playing Chelsea fc and after that the Arsenal fc match should come on board. With all this, the Liverpool fc team should make sure that they at this period put in more than their best because what lies ahead is not going to be easier.

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