With the way things are going we all can see that all teams are at this stage looking for all the possible means to ensure that whatsoever thing that they invested in, yields good result. Apart from making signings, teams endeavour to also uses the player to make more money by engaging in different business which at the end might yield positive result for them. Before fans develop hate or love for a newly signed player or players, you will see the team making sure that they use sales and other avenue to recoup their money before any other thing. Sales in business is very vital and that is the more reason why you will never sees any team joking with their sales department, it is simply the engine room of every business and football team to be precise. When it comes to business for you to be able to stand tall in all your endeavours, you need to make sure that you are able to deploy a very nice avenue and strategies to be able to conquer what lies ahead when it comes to the market and your customers. It is not just all about to make signings, you might regret the decisions at the far end.

If you have been following up teams and how they operate you will see that some are more open up about their sales and how they makes money while some are not that open minded. Take for instance, I believe we must have seen how Real Madrid behaves back then when they signed Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United, they immediately makes his money through sales of his jersey and other great means and medium. They did not wait for the player to be playing first before they were able to use the advantage that they have to secure what they wanted. Many people will wants to make sure that the fans have a taste of the player or players that they newly signed first before they will think of how to make money from such player. As for me, such idea is not the very best when it comes to business. If you do that you might not be able to make good money from such business strategy or strategies. Remember business is all about making money and that is the important part.

As per the above, take for instance that you married a lady that is still a virgin, during the first period of your marriage you will be happy to do a lot of activities with her, this is simply because she is still looking like a fine wine before your very eyes unlike a lady that you have slept with countless times and you have already had children with, there is always difference between the two. This is why some marriages get saturated as it progresses. The above when being related to fans, if they got enough of a player or players that are being signed newly signed to their team the urge to buy his shirt or pay more attention to him might decrease except he is doing well in that team. But since they newly got him signed to their team, they might not be able to discovered if he is a good signing or not, they will just love to flow with what the team is doing and with that they will blindly and gladly bought into the team idea by paying more attention to the player. By so doing the team will be able to make money from different angles before fans get saturated about that player. Many team knows about this strategy or strategies and they tend to push it forward the moment they are able to make any new signings to their team.

From the above we all can see that football and soccer is all about business. For a team to be able to stand the test of time they have to deploy a good avenue for them to be able to get that achieved. Winning trophies alone can't get this done, this is why many teams that are top teams today are in debt, they focus on impressing fans alone by winning trophies, there is no proper avenue to make money back into the team from sales, grooming of players and engaging in other key and core business aspect.

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