I have said it time without numbers that this is arguably the best World cup competition that I have experienced over the years. The fun and the captivating moment in this competition is something else. Going from fans to coach and to the team in general, we all have been outstanding. I remembered before the competition started how I said I won't be partaking or participating that much, but after the competition started my mentality changed, I became big fan of the competition. This is to show how powerful the competition has turned out to be. Every day is a day for me to get entertained by the competition at hand. A day hardly passes without me making sure I am not entertained from this amazing competition.

I am just wondering that if at this stage the competition is interesting what will the other stages look like? This shows that the competition is going to be more interesting than what we are seeing right now. We all knows that when we get to the next phase of the competition like the Round of 16, Quarter final, Semi final and the Final, we are going to be more entertained. This is simply the reason why I have said it time without number that we should be prepared for more amazing time when you are talking about this competition.

As we have it, we can see that some team at this stage have already played their complete three leg fixtures, what this implies is that their fate towards the next phase of the competition has been decided. It is either they are going out of the competition at this stage or they will be moving to the next phase of the competition which is the round of 16. For those countries that are still in the competition after their third leg encounter they should be proud of themselves, it is not that easy at all. They have really tried their best and with the way they are going they can conquer the world. We all knows that when it comes to soccer or competition like this there is no better side, all sides are good. It is just that some are struggling to get the needed result that they needed.

We have two group that played their last match yesterday, the group A and the group B team. They all put up good performance yesterday but we all knows that when it comes to soccer and football at large it is always the better side that wins. Sometimes it is not the better side that wins at times, any body can win also. Some team can win, it is not base on how good they performed but sometimes luck can help to play their part also. Many things like this contributes to soccer and football at large but still yet we move. All these are the interesting thing about soccer, they are the things that made soccer interesting and fantastic I must admit.

Well, we all saw what happened yesterday with the Senegalese side yesterday while they played against Ecuador. The Senegalese team are in a group stage with the Netherland team, Ecuador and the Qatar team but after the last leg encounter was played yesterday we can now see the winner of the group which will be emerging to the next phase of the competition. I was very sure that the Senegalese team will be moving to the next phase of the competition yesterday, this is holding to the fact that they are very determined and focus, they have that burning desire in their face to always deliver. That is one thing that made me believe in the Senegalese side.

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To cut the long story short we all saw what happened as the Senegalese side where able to defeat the Ecuador side 2 vs 1. The goals that gave the Senegalese team the advantage came in the 44th minute and the 70th minute respectively. The goals came from I. sarr and K. koulibaly while the Ecuador side goal came through M. Caicedo in the 67th minute respectively. That is what happened between both side as the Senegalese side with this win will now be paying against the English side on Sunday. We should brace ourselves for more amazing moment as this competition continues to glow.