When we are referring to the beautiful game called soccer, we all should have this mentality showcasing to us that we have our mindset and focus on the final whistle only. There is still time for the unexpected to happen. You should not feel like since you are behind, the match is definitely only for you. As per you, don't be afraid of what lies ahead. Just trust yourself and you shall definitely get things right this time around. As per your team, don't just surrounded yourself with team players who don't have the team at heart. It is not over until you hear the final whistle. You should always believe that your team should accept defeat only when the final whistle is blown. I have seen team coming from the last minute of a match, not just a match but a match that involves two elephant. The good thing is that at the tail end, winning that match is their top priority. What will shock you most time is seeing that the side that you are rooting for to win the match will eventually at the tail end be the side that will lost the match. Loosing out in such painful way that will hit you in different bad state is something to worry about. From the record with the other team, they definitely knows that we are trying to win at the tail end, that is simply all that matters to them. They definitely knows that you are rooting to win at the tail end. For sure, you will be sad seeing that the unexpected happened in a state were what you were not expecting ended up happening. While we are doing something more than the expected, you should knows when to get it right. We all knows that we don't always love to exercise patient, we all wants to jump into conclusive part. This is simply because the moment we are finding ourselves ahead in a short period of time doing the expected. The moment the team we are placing our bet on to win the match is doing well, we will definite be shouting all over the place as if we have won a major trophy.

The moment we are seeing the team we are rooting for definitely winning the match, it will be something that will definitely gladdens our heart, soul and mindset. We won't think that we can definitely fails to maintain the advantage that we have at hand but rather still, you will see us disturbing the entire environment as if we had did the unexpected. When it comes to soccer at large, we should knows that unless the final result is confirmed, we should never celebrate. This is definitely showing that in other for us not to regret at the tail end, we should knows that definitely rooting for your team simply because they are leading with 3 goal to nil simply because the other side that has no goals are still trying to do the unexpected is definitely having a bad moment should not think that we have gotten what we wanted, we should endeavour that since there is still time, we can surely sees the unexpected happening. Don't just jump into conclusion half way because the team we are supporting are three (3) goals ahead. We all knows that when it comes to soccer, we can eventually falls behind at the tail end. They are some ways you will brag between the two team and if the one you are bragging about to win the match with a good point and goal margin, ended up not winning the match, you will see that at the tail end, because of how we have been bragging about the team, you will definitely see that at the tail end, the result that deep in our mind, that we wanted to achieve, we will see ourselves struggling to get such achieved. This is simply because we places alot of interest in the match needed. This is why we always get discouraged at the tail end.

We all knows that when it comes to the soccer ecosystem, with our team doing the expected especially in a state or match where we thought that they will never wins, just imagine that at the tail end, they ended up winning such match by simply surprising us all. This will calls for jubilation and celebration. Jubilation and celebration will simply happened because we thought that they are mismatch, this is simply holding to the very fact that they have gathered so many record and with that, they have seen and noticed that this match without much delibrating that with the numerous added advantage to their team, they already have all the opportunities and advantage that they are thinking off to wins the match. They are definitely sure that without much effort they are certain that they are without no much talk, going to definitely be winning the match that lies ahead. Because of how little they rated their team, you will be shocked that the result from the tail end always ended up surprising us all. This is a big lesson that you can never think of, this is holding to the fact that when it comes to soccer, you should never celebrate half way, it will be more painful if your team get you disappointed at the tail end. All these are acting as a lesson that happened. It is acting and at same time showcasing to the world that you should never be over confident that your team is far better than this team. If you remembered vividly well, you will see that I warned against the team that loves to jump into conclusion half, this is holding to the fact that they are over confident because they are always behaving as if that the match they that have eventually wins it. Not winning their matches is really showcasing to the entire world that over confident is not what we should relent on at all cost. This is holding to the fact that you should not be over confident that your team is certain that the match result especially when it comes to them winning, will eventually goes their ways.

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