Since it is the turn of the transfer window we should be prepared for different stories. This is the time for we to see players behaving like they are on top of the world and sometimes the team making a lot of money from players sale. They are two ways the transfer window is classified into. It is either you are going out as a free agent i.e if you played the duration you signed with your team and at the end of the season or during mid transfer season you refuse to renew your contract.

The second one we have at hand is seeing different team bidding for your signature maybe because of your good performance. Now it is left with you and your team to decide on how the deal with go. This is because you don't have the complete power to decide on how the transfer will go since you are still under the duration of the years you signed with your team.

When the above came in place, if the other club that is bidding for your service are able to go with the demand that your team set in place, your team will now let you depart by giving some share of the money base on the negotiation the two side agreed on. The bad side of this is that you can't interfer in this deal. The only thing you can do is to tell your team you want to move to the team bidding for your service. Once you agreed that you are ready to move to the the team bidding for your service and the clause of your signings is met, you will see yourself parking your log and luggages as you depart from your current team to the new team.

Sometimes if the players love the team that is bidding for his service and he wants to play in such team, you will see him engineering the other team to put in more effort. I have also seen some players who will help the other team with money to meet up with his/her release clause if he/she sees that the other team is not bidding the way they are expecting. If he/she sees that they don't have the money to carry on with the bid or they are not ready to spend that much, he or she can decide to use his/her money to change or turn things around. Just like what I have been saying, if the players love the team that is bidding for his/her service, he can go extra miles to get it achieved. In a situation where he/she doesn't love the team bidding for his service, he can tell his team that he is not interested or he can decide to sign a new contract with his team. If his team doesn't wants his service any more, they can reject his signature and give the team bidding for his service the upper hand to get the deal wrapped up. Some team can even reduce the amount of the money in the players release clause so that the team bidding for his service can be able to afford the money to pay for the players fee.

If you are to compare both transfer options you will see that the free agent transfer is the one that is the best. Do you know why? This is because when you are a free agent you are free to do your negotiation your self and the good thing is that all the money that you are going to be making from the deal will be all yours. Your team will never benefit dine from it unless you feel like bringing them into the picture. This can only be achieved if you are a free agent i.e if your contract says that you are going to be serving the current team for five (5) years and you were able to meet up with the clause by playing for the them for that five (5) years, you are now face to leave the team or sign new contract, this depends on the decisions you like to take.

If you are to follow the other way round, like your tenure is not yet expired and another team is bidding for your service, you and your team are free to negotiate the deal and if the deals goes well you are not incharge of the money generated. Your team will be the one to give you some percentage that comes out form the sales if they feel like. Nonetheless without being told, the transfer window is wide open and we are now watching the drama that is currently going on. I will at this time end the post here, I will be using this medium to wish those team who are making one or two signings right now, I wish them success as they are using all means and medium to prepare their team for the season battle that is forth coming. Sometimes with all your signings you can still fail, signings depends on different criteria. But just to crown it all, signings helps to strengthen your team for the best.

As you read through this post I hope you enjoyed it. Remain bless in all your endeavours.