I am still using this medium to officially welcome you all to football after some weeks of break. Almost everyday you will see me lamenting for league to kick start, boom we are back.

To those who are proud supporters of the Bundesliga league, how are you guys fairing. I will love to hear your guys comment on the team you think will win the 2019/2020 season. I checked through the list and saw that the point difference is so small. Bayern Munich is leading the log with 58 point ahead of Borrussia Dortmund. The second team is leading the third team(M'gladbach) on the log table with 52 point. RB Leipzig on the other hand is occupying the log table with 51 point while they are currently sitting on 4th position. Running a check on the log table, you will see that the point difference between each team is standing on either 2 or 4point. This is where the league is becoming tricky.

From all the matches being played, they all have won theirs, this is making it very hard to decide who will win the league. nobody at this point in time will want to loose any match. The moment you loose, you should know you are in for it. From the issue at hand, Bayern Munich wont in any way want to loose or even draw any of their matches. They know if they do, it will be war. With all team being in tight corner, who do you think will want to let go?

I was checking on their fixtures, funny enough, they all will be playing each other. This again is making it hard. It is now left for the better team to win. I would have loved Leipzig to lift the trophy, is been long I see them lift the trophy. Bayern Munich on the other hand are not new to it, they wins it almost every two (2) years. From this stat, to the Bundesliga league is going to be interesting at this very stage, just take a look at their log table. This is survival of the best. I am pretty sure it might go to three (3) more matches before we will be able to decides who will lift the trophy.Anyway I wish them the best. The better team should lift the trophy.

Just stick to my blog as I got you covered on sport news. I promise to make it worth it.