Those who have been supporting the soccer ecosystem through various means will understand what I am about saying. We all knows that when things goes up it must comes down (law of gravity), and when a soccer season starts it must surely comes to an end. The essence of this is to make sure that the players have rest of mind and also an avenue for the players to be able to spend time with their families. We all knows that families is very important in whatsoever thing that we are doing, if you failed to put this in place players might go through thought and struggling times. We all knows that in all that we are doing we should knows that players welfare is very vital. It is not easy seeing them engaging in different soccer activities just because they wanted to get us entertained. They are humans like us and they deserve a lot of goodies. If you have played soccer before, you will know that it is not an easy thing at all. I played soccer and I must admit that the drills i.e training is not that easy not to even talk of playing against your rivals or opponent during matches of different reasons. Many of us knows this but still yet they are fast to criticize players when they make mistake as if we don't make mistake also. When I see fans that posseses such trait I am always mad at them, funny enough do you know that such fans can't even kick the ball not to even talk of them scoring goals when the goal is open with no goal keeper standing as obstacles. With all this trait they will go around badmouthing players simply because the player made some mistakes.

clubs should take advantage of the current season break to restructure their team

We all knows that it is the time of the year again where players will be resting since they are at the end of the seasons. Take for instant we can see that the English premier league 2022/2023 competition has ended with Manchester city team lifing the trophy. With that happening, we all knows that players will be resting while the core team board of different clubs will be meeting and planning on how to make sure that their team is up and doing next season come 2023/2024 season. There is this popular saying that states that if you failed to plan, just knows that you will plan to fail.

I will be using my team as main example. Now that the 2022/2023 English premier league competition has ended, the Liverpool fc board has hinted by making announcement that they players will start by letting some players depart the team. As for your information, players like Roberto Firmino, James Milner, Arthur and Naiby Keita will be departing Anfield. You need to see how pained I am seeing that player like Roberto Firmino and James Milner will be departing Anfield. They are rare gem that I don't play with at all, I will forever misses them. Players like Arthur and Naiby Keita I won't misses them, they didn't leave up to expectations especially Naiby Keita, it is a shame seeing that he struggled at Anfield. I was expecting him to do well just like Sadio Mane, well we got disappointed at the tail end. The money used in signing him is a waste. There is no way in a month he won't go to or sustain injury. I need to say that I am happy seeing him being put up on the list of players that will be departing Anfield, we need good person to replace them.

The time and era has come for the Liverpool fc team to re structure the team. We all knows that our performance during the 2022/2023 is just too poor, this is the time to corect our team by selling some players and buying other good players as replacement also. We need to fill our midfield and partially defence. Well, I knows that the team knows what to do and I will be happy that come 2023/2024 English premier league season, the Liverpool fc team will be on flying colours. I will be updating us on the happenings when it comes to my team and the English premier league competition precisely.

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