I was chatting with some Liverpool fc fans and I must admit that from what they are saying it shows that they are already tired with what is going on with Liverpool fc. I had to make sure that I calm them down to the best of my knowledge, this is holding to the fact that I have promised myself that I will be a committed supporter to the Liverpool fc team no matter what. I have promised to be dedicated fan no matter what to my team. There is one mentality that I have grown with, I knows that if I because of this singular reason affecting my team then I decamp to another team, there is every tendency that the team that I decamped to, one day they will also have their issues too. Life will never favours one side all the time, there is every tendency that a day will come that the place you run to will face it battle, when that happens what will you do? That is one question that always ran through my mind and when it does I always calls my self to other and ensure that deep down no matter what, staying with my team and battling the issues together is the best thing that you can ever talk or think of. There is every tendency that if you stick to your team, there is always better days ahead or more over as I will say that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As for your information when you made mention of the Liverpool fc team, if you have been observant enough you will see that we have issues affecting the team in so many ways but aside that the two thing that I think is the bone of contention here is injuries and the sale of the club. I hinted on my last post that it is not that easy seeing your team getting sold, we all knows that when such thing happens you will be found running up and down. You will be confused that is just the basic fact. If you take a proper look at the team you will see that the players, coach and fans are all waiting for their fate to be decided. Deep down at this stage no body knows what is next for the team, we are just waiting for the major news which will helps to carries us along towards what we should be expecting. If the sale is not completed it will be hard for the Liverpool fc team to progress deep down no matter what. Many people thinks that they team are experiencing their worse form, yes it is but the major issues here is that the players are doing well, the moment the sales is made everything shall fall into other.

The message that I am trying to pass here is that Liverpool fc deep down no matter what, Liverpool fc needs to know where they belong. They need to make sure that for the team to be able to be at a good stand, the team sales decisions has to be made. We have to know if they are still planning on going on with the sales or not. We the fans definitely needs to know where we belong instead of facing issues like this. Just like the message that I am trying to pass above, there is every tendency that if we don't know where we belong by either making the sales or not, there is every tendency that we will found ourselves repeating this same circle all the time. Aside this, the other issue which I knows for sure that it is not an issue is the injury issue, most of the players are tired playing that is why you are seeing them on injury list almost all the time. I believe the moment that everything is being put in place, there is every tendency that things will be fine. You will end up seeing them playing with smiling faces and injuries will no longer be there. On our watch list we have Roberto Firmino, Luiz Daiz, Diego Jota, Virgil van Dijk and Arthur Melo on our injury list.

Looking at the above list you will see that the above named players are the major strike force of the Liverpool fc team, there is every tendency that if they all can get back from injuries and to their best form Liverpool fc will be on flying colours.

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I will end the post here, I hope you love it.