We have known Leicester city to be one of the best team when it come to the English premier league ever since they came from the lower division league to the main league which is the English premier league. We all knows how they came from the lower division league to wins the English premier league back then. As at that time I was among the people that told them that they won't be able to wins the English premier league trophy because they are just coming from the lower division. I know how I was dragging with my friends back then about it but deep down on my face and presence the Leicester city team took everybody by surprise by winning the English premier league trophy. This tomorrow is still surprising to me but I must commend them for such a great work.

With such a great move which they did, I have been respecting the Leicester city team. Another thing that I love about the Leicester city team is that they have shown and proven to us that they are not just a one league team, they have been doing wonders ever since they came from the lower division league to the main league which is the English premier league. They have never been a time it was recorded that they occupied 8-15 position ever since they came from the lower division to the main league which is the English premier league. If you check on their stat you will surely love the Leicester city team, they have been consistent and amazing. They are indeed superb and once again fantastic.

After looking at the past life of the Leicester city team when it comes to their fantastic, amazing and superb performance, I must admit that seeing their current progress right now is really touching. I am surprised how they fall badly like this. I was discussing with a friend recently about Leicester city and I must admit that he was only not happy about the current stand of the Leicester city team. What is really happening with the team, this is a big issue that they surely needs to sort out. They needs to bounce back and move to the position we are used to seeing them in. They are not the only one being affected, Liverpool fc is still struggling like this but the Leicester city when being compared to the Liverpool fc team, the Liverpool fc team is far better than them.

For those who don't still knows, the Leicester city team are currently on 20th position in the log table and this is really bad. Do you knows that they have played 7 matches and they have not did anything amazing at all. They have lost 5, draw 1 and win 1. This to me is not presentable at all. This is the reason why they are not in good position at all. I know they might be pushing to bounce back, they eventually needs to get that done fast. It is very important if they wants to occupied good position when it comes to the English premier league 20022/2023 league competition.

For the above to be accomplished we all knows that they needs to keep winning their matches as from now on. It is not going to be easy but it surely can be done. There is nothing that is impossible when it comes to the English premier league and soccer to be precise, let us keep looking to see how things goes. As from October 1st the English premier league competition will be starting. The break is as a result of the death of the Queen, this is to pay last respect to the Queen which is a nice thing in all regards. I am really happy for that if I must say. These are some of the beautiful things that you can see in soccer.

I just wants to say that Leicester city should knows that they have stronger fixtures up next, they should be prepared for this in all way round. Just like what I hinted above, if they continues in a good form and they are able to win matches, they will see how they will move up the table in an amazing way. They need to keep getting positive point, the 20th position does not fits them at all.

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